Just call me Milli...

Yep, that is my new name as assigned by a random Harry Potter name generator. Now, I know it is nothing fancy like my indecent "Isela" name but it works, it is a very decent name (not like Isela, hehehe, if you have ever googled my name you will know why it is not a decent name-now, don't you all rush at the same time to google it).


But why in the name change? Well you see, I am officially accepted into the Hogwarts School of Wizardry Hogwarts Sock Swap. Not only did I get a new name but I also got sorted by the infamous hat! And guess what house I got in? No, not Slytherin, I do have a little bit of a good streak in me--I got into Gryffindor. Gryffindor in da house!!!


Gryffindor's I wanna hear some noise...so if you are out there, drop me a note, I want to hear ya shout! Rah-rah Gryffindor!

Now for some logistics for my sweet sock swap pal. I have small feet so you will have an easy time knitting them. Don't forget to say a small spell while knitting them so they last me forever.

1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?


2. Shoe size?

6.5 US sizing

3. Foot length?

9 inches

4. Foot circumference?

8.25 inches

5. List your three favorite double-pointed needle brands, including size and length.

  • Crystal Palace. Sizes 0-3. Length 5-6 inches.
  • Plymouth. Sizes 0-3. Length 6 inches.
  • Susan Bates-the old style--white. Length any. I only have one set and I love them.

6. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so which brand? Size? Length?

Considering that it is a wish, here it goes, my wildest needle wish: I would love to try the Lantern moon dpns, preferably in the small size 0-3. Length: the shortest the better.

7. If you are Ravenclaw do you prefer the colors from the book or the film?


8. Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts sock pal?


One last shout out to my house--Gryffindor!!! Let's get us some house points!