Benchmark day is here! It was a busy Friday. I spent it on the phone and at the computer working CFSTmost of the time. Then, I had planned all day to go to the 4:15 class time and 15minutes before 4pm, my phone reminded me that I had Parent Teacher conferences, crappers! My entire workout was out the window and I got crabby right away. I don't like missing my workouts and if I didn't go at 4:15pm, it meant I couldn't go at all as I had to teach class at 5:30pm.

After parent teacher conferences, I hurried and changed and showed up at the box, crossing fingers that I could be squished in and be able to do the workout.  Awesome coach Josh, started a clock just for my hubby and me, so that I could get my workout done before heading to work.Thank you Coach!

Jack was on the menu--it consists of a main course of push and presses, with a side of kettlebell swings and for desert-box jumps! 

I am terrifed of box jumps, have been from the moment I went into the box and saw them. They Camera December 053intimidate me and make me double guess myself all the time. I have fallen from them and had a nice black and purple bruise on my quad from them and I have had a more misses than I can count. It is my achilles tendon in the box. Whenever there are box jumps, I know for sure that I am going to be dead last. I fear falling. I fear hitting my shins and being out of running for a few weeks, especially right now that season has started. My coach as suggested, I go down in box height while my running season is going, but I am stubborn and I want to keep trying to get better at them. I will probably go down in the middle of the season when my legs are super tired. Speaking of box jumps, I found this great article about box jumps and its benefits/cons.

Jack calls for Push & Presses of 75 lbs. I can't do that. I can lift 75 lbs as my max but doing it more than 4 times would send my right shoulder into the ER. Therefore, scaled down for me until my shoulder can get stronger. I lifted a 55 lb bar. It is low, probably the lowest in the box but it is all my shoulder can handle without me screaming for my Mom. Kettle bell swings were easy this time around, 35 lbs. On my first round, I grabbed that kettle bell and it literally felt super light. Perhaps, it is time to go up to a 38 and get a little stronger. Box jumps, well you already read about my nemesis. She is a 20 inch B!*%# who makes me double guess my abilities each and every time.

My stats for today's benchmark: no RX for me this time around. Gotta get stronger to be able to lift that 75# bar more than a couple of times.  I was joking with hubby that I could have probably RXed but would have probably completed 1 rep during the whole 20 minutes.