Happy 12th Birthday!!!


I cannot believe that my little boy is 12 years old. Time went by so very fast. I see him and my eyes deceive me. In my heart, I still have this little boy in my arms as a wee 6 lbs baby. I love him so dearly. He is truly a wonderful child. He is not a kid that stays sitting down, in fact, if he is sitting down, we have to make sure he is not sick. He is always active and looking for something to do. He is kind and loving, although outsiders may not see this as he likes to appear tough and uncaring, but if you show him love, he will love you back and will do almost anything for you. 

He wanted to go to HuHot for his birthday dinner and we were happy to go, we all love that place. His best friend, Dylan, came along. They have been best buds since we moved into the neighborhood. They love each other like brothers :). What a blessing it is to have a best friend to share your childhood with :). 



He got some sweet presents: a special cake made by our friend Martin--a chocolate, nutella cake with little piglets swimming in the mud :). Grandma sent him new violin too. He is so lucky!


We just had a very special day, hanging out and playing :). Happy 12th Birthday my awesome Boyito! 


At the Dinner Table

Boyo The best conversations happen around dinner time at our house. We always try to have dinner together as a family just to bond a little more as a family. Today, Boyo came down the stairs wearing a plastic firefighter hat and the following conversation took place.

Sam: so what do you want to be when you grow up?

Boyo: a firefighter!

Sam: what else do you want to be?

Boyo: I don't want to be a Doctor, I don't want to be an Engineer, nor a Vegetarian!!!!  ;)

Vegeratian and Veterinarian got a little confused  in his head :)