Stockinette Cast On Method for Knitting Board

Dsc04205 Another cast on in the Knitting Board Series is the Stockinette Cast On. Usually a misunderstood cast on method as many do not realize that the first set of stitches are actually "live" stitches left on an anchor yarn to later be finished off by crocheting them.

Dsc04178 The stockinette Cast On method is actually my top cast on method for many knitting board knitted items. It provides a nice crochetted first row. Definitely no loops at all. Although the Lucet Cast on provides a less loopy edge than the Figure 8 Cast on, the Stockinette Cast on provides the neatest edge I have seen.

I hope you find these files useful in your knitting board knitting. Feel free to leave me a comment about the latest files.


***EDIT***The file has been moved to the DA site and now it can be printed.

Lucet Cast On-An alternate cast on for frames

Dsc04153 Although the art of loom knitting dates back to the 18th century, very little is known about it today. There are not many records of it and very few patterns exist today, compared to needle knitting. New techniques and stitches are popping up almost every day. The Lucet cast on is one of those new found techniques.

When knitting on a knitting board, you first need to set the very first row of stitches (just like in needle knitting), so that you can build more stitches later by wrapping around the pegs and lifting over the wraps.

Usually, knitting board/frames instructions include the Figure 8 method of casting on. Although this cast on method allows you to place your very first row of stitches on to the board, it does not provide the neatest first row.

Dsc04159One evening, after Becky sent me a Lucet, I sat for a few hours knitting on it. When an "a-ha" moment occurred. I realized that maybe I could do the same on a board by using 2 sets of pegs at a time. So, I grabbed a board and right away, I started trying it out. It was easy and the best part of all, the LOOOPY edge was almost all gone. I had a neat first row!

I made a PDF file of the instructions in case you are interested in trying it out.

Download Lucet Cast on