Loom Kniting Socks Book Giveaway


The enthusiasm for the book was so great that I have decided to give away a few extra copies each week, until the release of the book, on August 1.

This week, we will have 2 copies of the book up for grabs. To win, simply answer the following question by leaving a comment below (on the blog).

Q: Besides loom knitting, what other hobby do you enjoy doing and how long have you been doing it? Do you have a blog where you share photos of this other hobby?

Two winners will be chosen on Monday, July 27th--enter your comment by midnight Sunday, July 26 MST.

Today's picture shows the lovely pair: Blooms for Bethany. It comes from the colorwork section of the book, it uses Louet Gems in white, pink, and willow. One of my favorite pairs in the book.


Winners Announcement

1. Wilma Becker

2. Mary Beach

Email me with your addy and I will have the book sent out to you the week after Aug. 1st. Thank you for entering!

Loom Knitting Socks: Book winner

Your enthusiasm for the book is phenomenal! Now, without further delay, our winner of the book is....

Jamie Winebarger who answered the question with the following

"I want to loom knit socks because my wife and four year old daughter just love those knit socks you buy at Wal mart. I would much rather them be made by me because Walmart can't put the love in it that I can. Also, I would like to make some for my mother 'n law who has a bad heart and therefore has poor circulation to her feet and legs"

Congratulations Jamie! I hope the book inspires you to loom knit many pairs of socks for your family.

Another sneak peak of another sock pattern in the book. This one comes from the Fancy & Cables section. It uses lovely Louet Gems sock weight yarn in Pink!


Swing by tomorrow for another chance to win another copy of the book...yes, there will be another giveaway!

Again Congrats to Jamie!

Loom Knitting Socks, Sneak Peek

Many of you want to see what's inside the book...here is a little sneak peek of two socks.

IMG_8358 092 

First, a look at about 90% of the socks that went in the last package...lots of pretty colors and lovely yarns.

The first sock comes from the Basic section of the sock patterns in the book.


It uses the lovely yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Chocolate Amargo.

Our second preview is of one of my favorite socks, it comes from the Fancy & Cables section of the book. Check it out:


You may remember the Hourglass hat I designed awhile ago and I told you that it was as a test for something else, well, this was the something else. Aren't these cool. I love them! Yarn used: Berroco Comfort. Superb yarn with awesome stitch definition.

More sneak peeks next week...stay tuned.

PS: Don't forget to leave your comment on the previous post to win a copy of the book.

Loom Knitting Socks Book


The door bell rang and the DHL guy brought me the latest and newest book in Loom Knitting. What's that you ask? It is all about Socks...50 designs to be exact! Get your signed copy from DALooms! Fun, show-n-tell pictures to come.

Enter to win your very own copy by leaving a comment answering the following question:

Why do you want to loom knit socks? 

Enter your comment by Friday, July 17th. Winner will be announced Saturday, July 18th!

Behind...Always Behind

So I was going to blog about my son's soccer, but I got sidetracked by Nyah's gymnastics show off, then I was going to blog about the gymnastics show off but I got sidetracked by the choir presentation, then I was going to blog about Bryant's baseball and then I got pulled into reality and reminded that a new loom knitting tutorial was needed for the new EvenKnit loom. Alas! I never have any free time. One of these days I'll get the dishes done and the laundry put away, but for now, I just have a little loom knitting tutorial to share. I'll come back later to blog about the other things: the soccer, the gymnastics, the choir, the swimming, and I guess by then I'll have to blog about my Ogden Half Marathon.

If you download the PDF file, please let me know if you find any errors. The file makes sense to me but there may be some items that need more clarification. Hit me in the comments below. Also, if you take it...just drop a comment in case I have an updated version.

Download EvenKnit PDF file

Extra! Extra! Loomy News!

Extra! Extra! The EvenKnit Sock Loom is available for pre-order at DALooms, hurry and pre-order your very own. If you have struggled with uneven knit stitches, this loom may be the answer to your troubles. It has a row of pegs and a row pins. Combining the use of both provides the knitter with an even stitch all the time. The loom is schedule to be released on May 11th, just in time for Mother's Day. The loom will come with pattern and instructions, as well as a knitting tool/pick.

Also available, sock blockers. These are not flimsy sock blockers, they are sturdy enough that if you happen to accidentally sit on them, they won't break. They are sold individually or you can buy two and have a pair. If you order a pair, you get a a mini-sock blocker key chain, free! It is so little and cute! I just want it so I can hang lots of little mini-socks around the house.

Looms International! Hanaami Loom

Edited: We found out what these little things are called: It is the Clover Hanaami-Loom. Check this link out to see how they work. They are supposed to be used as flower looms :). Cute! Also, be sure to check out this website for patterns--I can see lots of hairbow possibilities!

A year or so ago I came into the possession of this cute little set of looms. I don't know what their intended Looms2purpose is, I know if I put some time into them I could figure them out. They are sure adorable though. They are made by Clover Japan.

They all fit nicely into a little see-through box that measures only 4"x4".How many of them are in there? Well, let's see: there are 3 little round ones, 2 squares, and one hexagon. They all fit into this little box--watch out though, if you take them out you best remember how they were all packed in because it is a bugger getting them back in.
The coin is a dime--yep! They are that small. It is a cute little set. But it wasn't for me and it is now going to its new little house where hopefully a little girl teen can put them to good use.

Anyways, if you come upon a set like this one and yours has instructions, drop me or Denise a note, we want to know more about them.


A hefty week

I need a calendar to start writing down all the things I have to get done. Life used to be really simple, I could remember every single thing without the aid of a schedule book. Back in college, my friends used to come to me to help them out organize their schedules, now, I can't remember one single thing. I am lucky if I have time to have lunch! For a week, I have been working on catching up with the laundry. It seems that it gets dirty faster than I wash it. I wash 1 load and for some reason 2 appear! My little boy likes to change his clothes three to four times a day and so does my little girl. I am just grateful that I don't have to go to the river to wash the clothes, if I did, I would just have to build a hut next to the riverside! I do have some nice memories of washing laundry by the riverside with my Momma, so it may not be so bad for the kiddos to experience that little bit of life.

Anyways, amidst the laundry, dishes, and the rest of the chores. I have been busily working on Loom Knitters Circle magazine. Last season, we did something different that impacted the way I had the entire files arranged, we went from having all the old issues online to having them in PDF only. To the public is an easy change, behind the scenes, I had to do a lot of shuffling and changing that ended up messing one thing up and I had to fix it. Anyways, I had to fix the problem and I spent the major portion of the weekend setting up the site from scratch again. No worries though, I have a "virgin" version saved in case of any future changes or ooopsies on my part. The issue is coming along nice and it is almost all done. Keep your eyes open!

Since I don't have any projects of my own to show you. I am going to show you some projects by other wonderful loomers that have worked on the Cabled Mitts (pattern will be posted at www.LoomKnit.com soon).

Where have I been?


A week has gone by and no posts..tsk, tsk, tsk. It is so unlike me not to share the goings of my life. So what's keeping me from sharing and gossiping. One word: sickness! My little one is sick. We left her at my SIL's while we went to the KnitOut, my SIL has two lovely puppies. Little Benny had previously displayed allergies to dogs in general. I figure 2 days wouldn't be so bad on her. We came back and her little eyes were droopy and her nose running a mile a minute. We got her home and I figured that she would start getting better. Wrong! 5 days later her runny nose has turned to a congested cough and now she is even fevering. Due to our previous experience of Febrile Seizures, I am keeping a close eye on her which means that both hubby and I have had very little sleep. It is a terrible feeling knowing that it may happen again. I am not ready for a repeat and thus I am doing everything possible to keep her fever down. Whatever bug is going around, it is a tough one to shake off.

Be back on Monday with photos (blurry ones, lol) of the KnitOut and my report on how it all went for us. In the meantime, may the sickness bug stay away from you and your family.

KnitOut 2008 Coming up

The Craft Yarn Council of America Knit Out is coming this weekend and I am going to be there! Yipppe!! I Keepsakeloom_4 am flying out on Friday and coming back on Sunday. We are leaving the kiddos with my SIL and I am taking hubby along with me for our very first weekend alone together. This is a huge deal for us. We have never left the kids behind for anything....would we survive without them?

But about the KnitOut, I am going to be doing a few loom knitting demos on both Saturday and Sunday. I am scheduled for these demos:


11am: Table E

3:30pm: Table E


11am: Table D

2pm: Table A

Come by my demo and pick up one of these cute little looms, made especially for this event. It is a little 10 peg, fine gauge single sided rake. I am going to be giving them away to those who come by my demo table. I prepared a handout too that will have a pattern to use with this loom: it is a simple headband pattern.

I am all ready...even went to pick up a little luggage to carry all my junk with me. And, I even had some business cards made. I am excited about sharing a little bit of my world with knitters out there. I hope my demos are well received. If you are around, please stop by...especially if my table is empty.

Stop the presses! I just found out that I will be interviewed by Candi Jensen from the Knit & Crochet Today show. So exciting! Before accepting the invite, I had to find out if the interview was going to be live--I was assured that it wouldn't so I am less frantic about it...still, I hope I don't make a fool of myself.

BizcardsIn other news, the loom along on Ravelry is going to start soon. After much drawing, frogging, and knitting, I came up with a neat and easy mitten design. Hop on over to the Loom A Long Ravelry group and you can take part of the LAL.

The mitt has a cable around the cuff and then it is stockinette stitch for the main portion of the mitt. The mitt is shaped at the fingers so no extra bulk!


Crafting a Tutu

NyahtutuSince apparently I can't loom nor write, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to sewing...haha! That was just a joke, I can't sew either, so I think I will just become a cook. Wait...I can't cook either. Well, I guess I'll just be a bum!

I spent two days knitting away at a certain pattern that I have a looming deadline for (pun intended)...I knitted and knitted. I finished the back...beautiful work in pink. I started the front, I knitted and knitted. Today, I sat and admired the pretty stitches and the pretty in pink when I realized something terrible. The tragedy of it all...it is incomprehensible! My back and front were exactly alike...beautiful...if I were knitting a pullover sweater, not a cardigan! Ah, the tragedy. I just want to die and wake up next year. Timewise this could not have happened at a worse time. Oh, well, time goes on and knitting can be unraveled and reknit again.

One thing I can definitely do though is create a little happiness for my little one with the help of 4 yards of tulle, a yard of 1/2" elastic, and some overhand knots. Modeling: little NyNy, Wonderboy refused to model the tutu--boyzzz!

The PlayTime Tutu came about in a moment of wimsy. Since I got my license, I try to take little trips to practice my driving, on one of my trips, I ended up at Joann's and I came home with 4 yards of tulle and elastic. I followed the instructions provided by ambrosialove over on Flickr and in less than an hour, I had the little tutu finished.

Bows_edited1I followed the instructions exactly as given. I bought 2 yards of shiny pink tulle and 2 yards of shiny purple tulle. 1 yard of 1/2" elastic (it took less than the yard for NyNy's waist). The Tutu is nice and full and it fits my shorty 2 (almost 3) year old. She loves to wear it over her clothes and since it was a very inexpensive item to make, she wears it everywhere...even Wallyworld! So next time you are Wallyworld, look for us...we will be easy to spot with this tutu.

Oh, yeah and I also made the little hairbows....I am so crafty...just can't follow knitting directions. Sigh...it is going to take awhile for my loomy knitting confidence to come back. I foresee a few other non-loomy projects in my near future...must take a breather.

Playtime Tutu

(click on picture to see bigger and individual shots)

Meet my GAL, part 2

Friday afternoon brought hubby home and hubby came bearing gifts. The new prototype of the GAL is here. It is divine. It is adjustable all the around, can be used to make tiny tubes and larger tubes as well as adjust in gauge. In one word, it is WOW!Gal3

The designing part is almost completed and we are ready for the next step: the testing and that is where you come in. We received 87 entries to the first post of the GAL plus I got 8 extra entries via email for a total of 95 entries. Each entry was given a number and with the help of the random number generator, the following numbers came up: 3, 2, 36, 14 and 60. So whose names go with these numbers?

#3 belongs to Stacey
#2 belongs to Lenora
#36 belongs to Bethany
#14 belongs to Stephanie
#60 belongs to Pat Simkin

In addition, 3 other names were picked. Check your inbox...you may be one of them.

The GAL has a similar construction to the WonderLoom, it works with the same principle that uses a middle piece that slides down/up to create smaller/larger tubes. A closer look at the loom will show that it is made up of 2 rails of pegs against each other. The prototype pictured has the tiny cream colored nylon pegs used on the FG and EFG looms; the loom that will be sold will have the front row (the pegs that get knitted) in cream color and the back ones (the ones that just hold the yarn) will be black. The loom (without counting the gauge changes) is like 2 looms in one. If you take the outside rails out and assembled them together you will have a knitting board and the other pieces make the Wonderloom.

The slide below will show different pictures of the GAL.

Meet my GAL

I have a Gal and I love her dearly. She is almost perfect in every sense. She still has a few quirks that we need to fix on her but overall she performs her duties quite as expected. One loom to do it all....almost. The project still in process. Many ideas are going left and right and the grinding has been arduous. Hubby's background in the field can shoot ideas faster than a machine and he is able to tell right away if an idea will work or not. Many of my ideas are not as good as I have no idea how to build them....but I can most definitely use them and tell him exactly what I want the item to do.


So far, we have played with one setting on the GAL, results: same loom, one setting change and jumped up a whole stitch per inch. It went from making a baby size hat with worsted weight yarn to making an adult size hat with bulky weight yarn.

Babysizehat Hat

The GAL is still in prototype stages. Research and development caps are on right now and we have a few things that we would like to change to it. We want something fully, fully adjustable in the round, we are talking 1 loom to make items from baby booties up to hat, or even an afghan: something along the lines of the Wonderloom but adjustable in gauge too, not only size.

Many ideas have come about how to make it adjustable in size: adding pieces and bolting it together but that is extra hardware and hardware=extra weight, not to mention not very aesthetical. Products are very much like food, if they don't look pleasing to the eye, they are not going to work the magic as we first consume a product with our eyes. Hubby is trying to convince him he needs a lathe to make it seamless....anything to get a new toy for the shop. He still convincing me....


So far, points that are good about the prototype:  can produce a few different gauges by changing setting and thickness of yarn. Produces items that are circular by working around the loom and single sided by working back and forth.

Where you come in: if you are a loom knitter and you would like to test this particular prototype or the next prototype, DA is looking for five willing loomers to take it for a little test ride and report their findings/thoughts.

It is my GAL and I already love it...but she needs a little help in becoming the perfect loom...would you help? Please leave a comment and DA will choose 5 random people with the help of the Random Number generator.

How is it used:

It is used just like the Pocket Knitter (view the video I made on using the pocket knitter) follow the same video for knitting a flat panel. If knitting in the round, simply continue around the loom until item reaches the desired length.

What is the difference between this one and the other rounds out there? The other rounds produce only 1 gauge, or 2 if you work 1 item with the Knit Stitch and the other with the Twisted Knit Stitch (Twisted Knit Stitch produces a larger stitch). The GAL you can change settings and produce a different gauge (more/less stitches per inch) using the same stitch. In the case of the above prototype, I was able to use the same loom and get one whole extra stitch per inch by changing just one setting thus producing a larger hat. Also, since it is used just like the Pocket Knitter, creating the Knit Stitch is a bit easier and faster than when using a regular loom.

Thinking caps are on...more on my GAL to come.

Loom Knitting Podcast on CraftyPod

Hint_2 CraftyPod interviewed Loom Knitters Circle magazine! Host, Diane, interviewed both editors, Denise and I; she gave us a few loomy questions to ponder and respond to. The Loomy-podcast is up and you can listen to it. Go over ;)...pplllleease. Thank you Diane for having us on the show!

Sorry for the long absence on the blog...I have been a bit preoccupied. Here is a little hint to what I have been working on lately....lots of these in my future.

Summer issue is live!

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who came to celebrate the momentous 78 mile occasion with me. Saturday was a wonderful day that I will remember forever. Thank you for being a part of this important day with me :).

The happy days continue with the release of the Summer issue of Loom Knitters Circle. Come check it out. It is packed-full of fun articles, patterns and a couple of tutorials (check out the new design that this section has--I am so tickled pink by the way it looks! Yep, I did it :) ).


I have a pattern in there and some other tutorial tidbits...and if you find a broken link, drop me a note and I'll fix it right away.

Now, off I go to ice my wrist which is suffering from some ulnar nerve damage (a side-effect from my bad posture on the bike), that is causing regular activities like typing, knitting, and even buttoning my pants a tremendous effort!   Oh well, the hand should be better soon....hopefully!

Contest Winner Announcement...

Shhhh.....I am working. On what? I am playing at being publisher-webdesigner-guru for the next issue of Loom Knitters Circle Magazine.....it will be up shortly. So exciting! Shh...don't make too much noise or I'll get distracted/sidetracked.

Mombryant_2But, to distract you from the lack of content, I have some news about my loomy-knitty-gritty episode. Yep! It is going to air...I had my doubts of it airing (knowing fully well that I completely sucked at the taping!). Anyways, DIY is airing the episode in July and the topic is: Loom Knitting--colourwork on a hat.

And today is the first day of June and this brings us to our contest winner.Our contest winner was chosen by our friendly and ever-so-popular Random number generator. We received 62 entries into the contest, so I gave each entry name a number and the number chosen was....number 18 and this goes toooooooooo....Lori from Yarn Beans. She receives a beautiful skein of STR.

But wait, my contest was way too much fun and you guys not only made me reach 3600 comments but 3700! Yep, 3700, and thus I made the executive decision to give the 3700 commenter a little something! Our 3700 commenter was Marisol. Marisol, check your email for a wee little surprise.

Thank you everyone for participating. I am still getting a kick out of reading all the entries....some of them are juicy indeed!

No yarn? No Needles? Not a problem, knitting continues on!


For a few days, I have had the urge to take out some of my beads and wire and try something out. The idea kept coming back, so finally, I gave in and set my needles down and went in search of the wire and beads.


I used 26 gauge copper wire and beads that I picked at Michaels a couple of months ago and with loom in hand, I started playing. I first threaded all the beads that I wanted to use onto the wire and then I used the single stitch to knit a tube long enough to go around my wrist. I still need to find a "good" way to join the two ends, something along the lines of a clasp but I need to go to my local bead store to find something appropriate.


After completing the first bracelet, I wanted to keep playing so I knitted a 2-stitch I-cord with the beaded wire and made a thinner version.


I am really digging this type of knitting and although I would like to try it on needles, I really don't want to "scrape" my addis with the wire. Have any of you tried knitting with wire? What type of needles do you use?

I didn't write a pattern/guide down for these two bracelets but if anyone is interested (just let me know in the comments), I will be willing (hehehe, anything to try loom knitting with wire) to make a couple of more bracelets and I will post the instructions. 

Happy Monday to all!

Wrister Wallet

Wrister Wallet

There are those days when one wishes one can just go out without a wallet or a purse. Actually, I am not a purse person at all. I hate them, they are bothersome to have around and then if you go to a restaurant you have to watch where you put it or find a place to put it. The wrister wallet comes very handy in those occassions. I also see it being useful as my children grow up, a great way for them to carry a little cash with them. 

Knitting loom: Decor Accents knitting loom in small gauge, 22 pegs used.

Yarn: Bits of worsted weight yarn.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle, sewing needle and thread in color of choice.

Other: 3 small buttons for closure

Size: The sample fits a wrist that is approximately 5.5 inches in circumference. The little pocket is about 1.5 inches in width. 


k=knit stitch, not ewrap. Ewrap will make the item too big

p=purl stitch

k2tog=knit two stitches together. Move the loop from the peg on the right to the peg on the left, this leaves an empty peg and one peg with 2 loops, treat the 2 loops as one loop when knitting the row. 

yo=yarn over. ewrap the empty peg. 

BO=Bind off. This pattern uses the basic bind off. 

Pattern notes: worked as a flat panel. The picture differs slightly from the pattern below. After I finished knitting it, I realized that I should have purled the row where the little pocket ended so that it would sit more flat, my picture doesn't have that purl row (it is row 17 of the pattern). 

UPDATED 11.21.14--The Decor Accents knitting loom is no longer in production. I will update the pattern to reflect a gauge obtain in the new All-n-One knitting loom by KnittingBoard.com. With the new gauge (9 sts x 16 rows=2 inches in stockinette). Follow pattern as instructed below, where the different color appears, follow the different color instructions if using the All-n-One loom. 


Cast on 22.
Row 1: k
Row 2: p
Row 3: k
Row 4: p
Row 5: k2, yo, k2tog, k to end
Row 6: p3, k to last 3sts, p3
Row 7: k
Row 8: as 6
Row 9: k
Row 10: as 6
Row 11:as 7
Row 12: as 6
Row 13: k
Row 14: as 6
Row 15: K
Row 16: as 6
Row 17: BO7, p to end (15sts)
Row 18, p3, k to last 3sts, p3
Row 19: k
Rep 18 and Row 19: 14x (18x)
Next row: p
Next row: k
Rep last 2 rows: 3x
Next row: p
Next row: k3, yo, k2tog, k to last 5sts, k2tog, yo, k3,
Next row: p
Next row: k
Next row: p

Assembly: using yarn and tapestry needle close the pocket by folding it along the purl row, sew it on the wrong side of the small panel. Also close the bottom edge. With thread and needle place the little buttons in place, follow the picture for layout. 


Loomy Surprise...and the 3000th comment contest!

Are you ready to see....I can't wait to tell you. It is something I have been working on for the past two months. There was so much involved with this new adventure, so many things to take care of, so many little details. The process was arduous and there was much stuff that had to be re-learned. My desk at one point had every single textbook that I own on the subject opened up and I probably went through 100 sticky notes marking the different pages that I needed to consult.

But, I would be lying if I told you that it is all me, no, this was a team effort. I partnered with another loomatic friend--we have decided to call each other the Knit Stitch and Purl Stitch respectively. If you are a loom knitter, the chances are that you already know Knit Stitch, she is another popular loom knitter and she even has some book writing experience under her belt, if you guessed Denise, you are right! While I messed around with website stuff, she tirelessly worked on proofing all the content...she even got the new OneNote to keep track of all the emails and information going back and forth (unfortunately, I doubt it will remind her of the dinner she has in the oven, so no help in that department--yet!).

But, even between the two of us, we couldn't have accomplished what we did without the mad designing skillz from our friend Cynthia from Hula-la. She gave us the LOOK! The image for our new enterprise, and she did an awesome job too! She is just amazing! You can tell her an idea of what you want and she takes it and makes it a reality! We love ya girl, thank you from all of us loomies!!!

And even with the three of us, we still needed a little more help and this is where the loom knitting community really came through and made the impossible, possible!

I present you our very own, LOOM KNITTERS MAGAZINE!


Amuse me and go check out our new LKCMag...and let us know your thoughts. We have many big plans for the future of the magazine, expect regular Columns, Tutorials, and loomy patterns and articles and once I get the hang on Forums, even our very own forum to talk about the patterns. So exciting!!!

Here is a button to place in your loomy blog :)...help us spread the word about our very own mag!


If the Loomy Surprise wasn't enough excitement this next thing surely is a high note in my excitement-meter. I realized the other day that I am a few hairlines away from reaching my 3000th comment and it is before my 2nd year anniversary(coming up in April). I know it is nothing compared to what notorious bloggers get, but I am so thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me feel so great! And to thank you even more, I am having a little contest from now until the number 3000 is reached. The 3000th commenter will receive:

If she/he is a loom knitter

a)Copy of Loom Knitting Primer


If she/he is a needle knitter (there is no way a needle knitter would need the book above, so a different prize shall be given)

b)A knitting loom so you can experience something new, hehehe, just joking! How about---a skein of sock yarn--Trekking XXL.

I thank you for making me believe I am amusing ya by dropping me comments--it makes this gal happy.


Loomy Q & A Day


Hi my dear loom knitters. I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year. I am hanging there, finally got a little sleep last night, the past week has been a bit hard on me, my little Benny is sick, slept only for a few hours each night (on the downstairs couch with little Benny). Then Friday night when going up to the kitchen, in my groggy state I fell down the steps. I thought I was fine, but today my entire right side is aching, especially my ribs, ouch! I guess I fell down harder than I thought. My little Benny is still sick and not eating much of anything. We have found out she likes to have soup and she only eats the carrots, so guess what we will be eating for the next few days. 

But you are here to read the Loomy Q & A day, without further ado, on to our questions.


Question 1: I read everywhere to knit a swatch before starting my project. What is a swatch and how do I knit one.


A swatch is a small piece of knitted fabric that is knitted with the same knitting loom (or needle), pattern stitch, and yarn weight as called in the pattern. Knit the piece of fabric with the same stitch as called in the pattern. Some patterns indicate the pattern stitch for the swatch, some do not, when it doesn't say the stitch pattern, knit the swatch in the overall stitch pattern of the item you want to knit.

Almost forgot: if the pattern says the gauge was knitted in the round, knit your sample in the round. Gauge may vary when knitting in the round or a flat panel.

How small to knit the swatch? The gauge in the pattern should be your starting place, if the gauge in the pattern says something along the lines of:

8 stitches and 12 rows=4 inches

I suggest casting on the stitches above + 10 more, in this case, cast on 18 stitches. Now you have the number of stitches, but how long to knit it?

Knit at least 12 rows + 10 more, so about 22.

The above panel should give you a panel wide enough to measure for gauge.


When measuring for gauge be sure to count everything: 1/2 of a stitch counts, and even 1/4 of a stitch.

  • Having too many stitches per inch will give you too small of an item.
  • Having too few stitches per inch will give you a bigger item.

If you do not get gauge, try the following:

Too many stitches per inch:

  • Try a thicker yarn, maybe a different gauge loom.

Too few stitches per inch:

  • Try a thinner yarn, or a different gauge loom.

Only try one change at a time, it may be that you only need a different thickness of yarn.

If knitting with the variations of the Knit Stitch, try the different methods of knitting it: the flat stitch method--lay your yarn above the loop on the peg and just lift over. U-wrap method--lay your yarn above the loop on the peg, but instead of just lifting over, *hug* the peg with the working yarn (so there is more slack on the yarn) then lift over. The knit stitch as when it is done like an upside purl stitch as demonstrated in this video.

When knitting a knitwear item such as a sweater or a vest, or something that needs to fit a specific person, be sure to knit a swatch before knitting your project. You do not want to knit the entire sweater just to find out that the item you made doesn't fit.

Question 2: I am about to attempt my first project involving Intarsia on a loom and I would like to ask if you have any tips or special advice for me.  I have knitted a swatch using the technique and it came out ok, some of the spaces between colors did seem a little big, maybe gaping a little.  

First lets define what we mean by loom knitting intarsia (some of us are a bit new to the world of knitting and we are not familiar with the term).

Intarsia is a knitting technique that uses a different yarn(s) to knit a motif on a piece of fabric. The different yarn(s) are woven together at the back of the work to eliminate any holes/gaps between the color yarns to provide you with an even fabric. Darning and blocking when the item is completed is also imperitive to provide your knitted item a professional look.

The pictures below show the front of an intarsia motif and the back of it. As you can see, you will have many ends to weave in but take it slow, when you have completely finish an area, sit down and weave in the ends. Do not wait until you finish your entire project, if you do you will have a huge amount of weaving in to do and it could be a bit frustrating.

Intarsiafront_1 Intarsiaback 

How to work with the yarns: if possible, obtain a few yarn bobbins, if no yarn bobbins, wrap the different color yarn(s) that you will be using in a piece of card board. Working with small bobbins of yarn is easier than working with a huge ball of yarn--less tangling.

Attaching the colors: When you reach the area that needs the different color yarn, attach the new yarn to the main color (X) by making a slip knot, snug the slip knot as closely to the work as possible, continue knitting with the new color (Y). When you reach the other side and you need to pick up main color, reach over, attach the yarn the same way.

After the colors have been attached: you need to be sure to weave the yarns around each other. When picking up the secondary color (motif color), drop the main color, pick up the secondary (motif) color under the main color--by doing this, you will be wrapping the yarns around each other.

Sweaterscapes has a great tutorial on Intarsia knitting (with needles) but you can see how to weave the yarns around each other to eliminate the gaps.

Remember: block your intarsia project--it will even out the stitches and the places where you joined the yarn.


Thank you for sending in your questions, please keep them coming, til next weekend,