Loomy Q & A


After a weekend away, we are back to our regular Loomy Q & A. 

Question 1: I have a pattern that calls for a slipped peg. How do you slip a stitch [peg] on a knitting loom?

To slip a stitch on a knitting loom, you simply skip the peg with yarn behind work (back of peg).

When you slip a stitch, you are elongating the stitch below--pulling it up one row up. When you slip the first stitch at the beginning of a row, you create a crochet-like edge.

When you slip a stitch within the row, such as when you are knitting the heel stitch: *sl1, k1; repeat from *, you elongate the stitch from below. It creates a nice thick fabric.

You can also use slipped stitches to create defined corners in a bag as is the case with the satchel.

Hope this helps out with the pattern you are trying out.

On to our next question:

Question 2: Can a knitting board be used to make a hat?

Yes, a knitting board can be used to knit a hat. If you want it to be double knit, you will probably need to create it flat and seam the side to close it as a tube. Unless you have a circular knitting board in which case you can just knit a tube by knitting all around the circular knitting board. However, if you have a regular knitting board such as the purple knifty knitter or any of the long looms, you will need to knit it flat and seam it along the side.

That's all for our Loomy Q & A day, remember send me your question(s) and I will post the answer(s) next weekend.

For now, loom on!


Sexy Wench Socks, Little Itty Ballerina Slippers, and even Mitts!

After going full steam for a few weeks loom knitting, I had to put my needles aside and many of my projects got set aside, but after coming back from our trip to California, I had to pick them back up. My needles are going non-stop, when I am not working on DA stuff, I am sitting on the couch clicking away. It is amazing how much more relaxed I feel after picking up my needles, yarn and my headphones (I am listening to the Wheel of Times series) . Knitting and reading (or in this case listening), perfect combination for a great relaxing time!

After much waiting, I present you my gorgeous (even if you don't like them nod in agreement) set of Anna Socks. I am enamored with the socks. They make me feel soooo sexy....hubby asked me if they would become my church socks...I think I shall wear them this coming Sunday and see the reaction. What do you think (Mim) do you think I will get pull aside and chastised?


I have gotten more yarn in a deep wine color to make a second pair...a sizzling wine hot pair of sexy socks!

Next, I knitted a pair of fabulous fingerless mitts with the yarn that I got from Scout's Swag. It is a simple design, not much frills, but the yarn makes them just super! The pattern can be made either on a knitting loom or on dpns.

Fingerlessmitts Fingerlessmitts2_1

What else...oh yeah, although I told myself that I was going to take a break from loom knitting, I couldn't help myself and I created a set of little slippers for my little Benny. The pattern will be tweaked a bit to create little felted slippers, kind of a smaller version of the Ballerina slippers but for little wee ones. They look so cute on little Benny's feet, or rather, Little Benny's feet make them look so cute!


On the needles now: a little bolero for little Benny, and finishing a very old FO...stay tuned to see the come back of my very first adult size sweater. Also, I have pictures of our trip to where dreams can come true!

It's a wrap...almost superstar...

Lucy, I'm home!!

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, overall a memorable experience! Everyone on the set was wonderful and ever so supportive and loving. My wonderful and ever so patient producer/friend Sonya made me feel so at home, she knew exactly when I needed a hug/encouragement or when to tell me that I was doing alright. She is truely a lovely person! Here is a shot of both of us in "my dressing room"...I was a superstar for a few hours. I even had makeup applied and my wardrobe was even steamed for me! I was so pampered...even when I forgot what to say, lovely Sonya came and whispered the words to me. She is an expert on knitting looms now...she knows almost everything I know, she managed to get all the information out of me before the taping so she could help me out during the taping. She definitely rocks!!!


The taping went well overall...I stumbled a couple of times and I had to restart a few times because of my nervousness and I am sure at one (probably more than one) point they wanted to kick me out and throw the looms at me, but the taping crew was so patient and wonderful to me--thank you guys for making me feel so special!  Vickie, she is a doll! She saved my butt more than once--she is a smart cookie and she remembers everything, whenever I happened to forget something she very smartly commented and inserted whatever I forgot...gotta love her!


My Knitsters--they deserve awards, they really, really do! They are all needle knitters and they courageously picked up the loom and gave it a whirl. I was so eager to meet them and to ask them their reaction towards the looms--at first I was afraid they will throw it at me, but they enjoyed the looms. They saw both pros and cons about the looms, but overall they definitely saw it as an alternative way to knit.


During the taping and after the taping almost everyone asked me about the looms...even the camera men were intrigued and kept asking me about the looms. It was quite neat to have others interested in my little corner of the world, even other knitters stopped by my rehearsal table and looked at the looms and the items made on them. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that others thought my work was neat.

I met a few other bloggers/authors but I forgot about my camera until after my taping was completed. But I did get to take a picture with Sara, a wonderful designer. We got to chat for about an hour and it was such a fun time. Here I am modeling one of her beautiful scarves. She took two little looms home with her to try out...she liked one of the baby sweaters I had there and she wants to try her hand on the looms.


Oh, and guess what I got to see for the very first time...yeah, that is my book! The dust jacket got to the studio just in the nick of time.


Seeing the dust jacket with my name on it just made the entire day extra special! Overall, a loomyliscious time!

California here I come...

Almost there...I am leaving to California tomorrow morning, I am so psyched! The step-outs are almost done, I have only a couple to go. I had to take a bit of time off on Monday to make birthday cake and celebrate little Benny's birthday. Checkout the cake: chocolaty goodness...I was so proud of the darn brown thing--my first real birthday cake, frosted and decorated even! The little darling got a Bitty Baby as her birthday present. She is so adorable for a few weeks we have been getting the American Girl catalogue and every time she would sit down and look through it, then she would arrive to the page of this baby and she would point to the baby doll and say "me, it is me". Gotta luv the little Benny!

She is sporting the little Nippertails hat I made for her when she was only a wee little one. I can see a Bitty Baby Nippertails in my near future.


After the celebration, I had to get back to work on my step outs, I am almost ready...still need to pack for me and the kids. Oh, I didn't tell you, we are all going! We are driving to Cali and if weather permits and I don't have any last minute knitting to do for the show, I would love to go and see Mickey in his house ( a childhood dream, to see Mickey and Minnie).


  • "Golden Nuggets" almost memorized and I am taking a cheat sheet just in case I forget them.
  • Got a haircut,
  • Primped my nails and even reinforced the fingernail tips...doing things like dishes is a bit necessary and reinforcing the tips was a good option.
  • Got a couple of tops as alternatives for my regular black tops...getting something other than black was a bit difficult.


I am feeling a bit undeserving of being a Knitty Gritty guest, all the other guests designers are famous, fabulous bloggers, authors, knitters, dyers, and then there is me--a loom knitter. I feel like an insignificant speck next to all those big names...I am very grateful that I have the tips of my fingernails reinforced...cuz I feel like chewing them off.

I am not nervous about the taping (they can cut and paste before their air the episode, hehehehe), but mosly about feeling out of place and feeling that my subject is so different from the knitting mainstream. I am excited though about meeting my superb producer Sonya who always makes me feel so special and like a superstar! Superstar!!! hehehe. I am also looking forward to meeting the Knitsters: I believe none of them had ever loom knitted before and I want to know their thoughts/reactions towards the knitting looms.

Checking out for now...need to get some more step-outs done and pack up.

Finally...finished the pattern for the Ballerina Slippers


When was the first time you saw these...about 1.5 years ago, hehehehe. Well, I finally got the chance to sit down and type up the pattern.

I made up the pattern with 2 different versions: Toe-Heel, Heel-Toe. I loved making these and I have made 3 different pairs for myself: blank, red, and pink. My favorite by far are the pink ones of course, hehehe.

The pattern is now available over at my LoomKnit.com store.


Knitting Loom
Large Gauge knitting loom with at 31 (36) pegs. Red (Green) Knifty Knitter Hat loom were used in sample.

Yarn 200 (270) yards of bulky weight wool. Brown Sheep Lamb¡¦s Pride Bulky was used in samples.

Size (s): Women: 6-7 (7-8); 8-9 (9-10)

Price: $4.50

Make payments with PayPal - Download with PayLoadz

Work...no work around here, just play time

Well, nothing got done today. The late nighter I had yesterday made my entire day a bit difficult--I was dragging my feet all day and wishing I was asleep, but with 2 kiddos in the house, it is hard to go and take a nap...not unless I want to wake up to a floor full of chips, cheerios, and every other possible thing they can get their hands into.

But the day was not knitting/loom knitting free. The kiddos woke up to white fluffy snow and the first thing that came out of their mouths was a plea to play outside in the snow. I got them all dressed and ready but unprepared Mom didn't have any mittens (yeah, I could win the trophy for the most unprepared and worst mother in the world).

Wonderboy quickly suggested to sit down and knit them a pair of mittens. (he has this idea that I can sit and knit almost anything) I told him I didn't have any yarn (lies, lies, lies!). So off they went into the snow and they played, they came back 30 minutes later all frozen, despite the layers of clothes.

Then the mail came and with it a little special package with some lovely Knit Picks yarn, as soon as I opened it, Wonderboy screamed--Yay, yarn for my gloves!


To lazy to find a mitten pattern (needle knitted) to match the yarn and my gauge, I sat down and did the only natural thing--grabbed a loom and started circling away.

Although I have made mittens on a knitting loom before, I wanted to try a different approach--my previous approach consisted of making the little thumb tube separately but I didn't have a thumb loom around, so I tried a different approach.

Try 1: Done on the blue knifty knitter with short-row shaping for the top of the hand, little thumb is attached to the hand of the body and mattress stitched closed at the sides.


Verdict: Don't like: made the thumb too long. The overall body length and width fits Wonderboy though, so I may have to re-try this again--but in a different loom.

Try 2: Done on the Regular Gauge Mini-Wonderloom, top of the hand was shaped with decreasing at each side, just like you do on needles (divide the stitches in half, *k1, ssk, k to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1, k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, knit next row, rep from *). I did a gather bind off, but I think on the next ones I will graft/kitchener stitch. This one fits little Benny...I will try it on her tomorrow morning when she wakes.


Verdict: Much better than the 1st try. The gauge is a lot tighter which makes for more insulation, more insulation means warm little hands, the shaping at the top also rocks. The pattern is definitely a keeper.

The thumb placement also seems to be better positioned than in the first try. Here is a closer look:


Now, I need to sit down and make a matching one for the last one I made and write down all the little details.

Once I have worked out all the kinks in the pattern, I will post it at LoomKnit and at DA in honor of the Dulaan project, stay tuned. If you have a Wonderloom and would like to test it out, drop me a note, I could use a test knitter or two :D.

Need more energy or more time

In trying to get more things done, I have been staying up really, really early (I can't say late, because it is not late, it is early). Last night or more correct this morning, I went to bed at 4am. I know, I am a nut!  A lot got accomplished but this morning I feel so tired. But I did managed to finish THE HAT (the important name that it received around the house).


I have been working on my step-outs for the Knitty Gritty show, so far, I have the completed project, 2 step outs, and need another 2 or 3 step outs, and 2 other completed projects (that's around 13,000 stitches!) : one in a blue and white color and another made in a bigger gauge. My goal is to have them all ready by the end of the week--uninterrupted, I can knit 1 hat a day in a fine gauge knitting loom. Do you think I can do it? Eeek.

For the first time in my life, I have been using a To-do list for the day, without it I am afraid I would skip my meals and even a shower.  By the end of the week, you will be very bored in seeing the same  brown and pink item, over and over, but I don't have it as bad as Stephanie, she has to make about a gazillion socks.

I also managed to seam up the finished vest for my test knitting. Little Benny didn't want me to send it off, she was adamant that it was for her little baby doll.


And in some grand and unexpected news, I have finally found a  project that I can knit for my darling hubby, the Man's Tweed Pullover from Cables Untangled.


I even showed it to him and he liked it, of course, his first concern "do you have time to knit that?", the answer is probably not right now, but as soon as I come back from California I will have free time and I think I have yarn that can be used as a substitute--Rowan wool cotton in a military green. I would love to have it finished for him by St. Valentines...but we will see what time brings.

Keeping secrets

I know something, I won't tell, I won't tell, I won't tell. I know something, I won't tell, I won't tell, I won't tell. Okay, ask me and I'll tell you...send me some sock yarn and I will definitely break down and tell you. C'mon run to your stash and find some pretty sock yarn and I'll let you know my secret.

I have been trying to keep a secret for about a month--I am so bad at it. I have been bursting at the seams to let it out. Even right now, I had to convince hubbers to let me tell....I am just so excited about it. It is such an innovation (well, not really innovation), but a big huge change in the loom knitting world. See this picture....click on it, make it bigger and see a closer view.


Need another angle? Here, try this one....


Do you know what my secret is? Don't know yet...well, my Knitty Gritty samples were created on it...and if you read yesterday's post, you will find out the great and wonderful secret I have been keeping.


Come closer, and I'll tell you....ready....in less than a week, Decor Accents will be introducing nylon pegs for their fine gauge knitting looms. Finally, nylon pegs for the finer gauge looms. If you are like me, the cotter pins make your teeth clench especially when your knitting tool touches them (kind of like when chalk makes that awful noice on the board).

The little nylon pegs are tiny and very firm--they are made with a special nylon mixture. Look at the head of the peg--designed with us loom knitters in mind--no big ball, no big lip to lift over, just a gentle little drop shape. (The little dot that you see on the head is where the manufacturer injects the nylon mixture into the mold) They even have a little groove to allow you to lift your stitches with your knitting tool (click on the last picture to see the pegs up close).



What a relief...now I don't have any secrets...it was killing me to keep it a secret. I am so excited about the little guys...can't wait to see lots and lots of knitting looms with them.

The force is with me...

Why didn't you tell me that I sometimes sound like Master Yoda, you know, talk backwards. I must live under a rock! You see, today was the first time that I have watched Star Wars (I must be the last person on earth, along with hubby who hasn't seen these movies)...Oohhh, the Force was not with me before, but now I am enlightened!! Hahahaha.

The force was with me today, as I was lucky enough to catch it on tv and look my knitting stars are aligned too, I almost have an FO! It should have been finished today, but I was too focus watching young Skywalker become eviiiiil, not to mention the seaming instructions are driving me a little bananas. It is a cute little vest that I am test knitting for Knit Picks...but I am a bit dense and the instructions on adding the borders were confusing or I was paying too much attention at all those light up swords, whichever the reason, it didn't get done. Maybe tomorrow, if I don't watch the entire Star Wars saga.


But before I sat and absorbed 2 Stars Wars movies, I was productive, I must have had the force on my side. I made a yuummmmmy, scrumptions cake. I found the recipe at Sara-H's blog, she calls it Spice, but I don't think that is the name of it, it is gingerbread I think, very yummy gingerbread. I followed her instructions exactly with only 2 alterations:


  • I added a cup of chocolate chips: every cake/bread/muffin in this household must have chocolate chips


  • I put 2 tsp of ginger instead of the 1


The kids loved it! Wonderboy had 2 slices and little Benny finished almost 1 entire slice. We still have 1 loaf for tomorrow's breakfast...yummy.

Speaking of the kids, little Wonderboy gave me something today...he obtained the little pendant in Rhinebeck and he was going to give it to me for my birthday, but with all the commotion of the vacation he forgot about it and he just put it away in my bag. I thought he had forgotten about it, but today, he emerged from the basement (they have their play room down there as well as my craft room) and he had this just for me.


He gave it to me and said, "mommy, I took some of your favorite yarn for your gift--do you like it? Now you have 2 necklaces Mom so you can wear one to church and one at home". He melted my heart...he is such a little sweetheart. The little pendant with fine merino chain has become my most cherished piece of jewelry. 

Here is a picture of my little treasures...creating a mess in the kitchen while I made the cake.


Till later my friends...till then, may the Force be with you :). Oh, if you can give me a hint as to what order to watch these movies that would be very, very helpful. I am going crazy trying to figure it out--I have only til the 23rd to watch them free of charge so please tell me. I have watched III, and I.

The Untitled Post

A MeMe--Joinked it from Mim. It is the perfect post for today...you see, I have something that came in the mail that I have to proofread--can you guess what it is?


But before you leave (cuz, are you really going to stick around to read  MeMe?), I want to let you know about a very special charity project called--The House that Knitter's Built.

The House that Knitter's Built is an effort to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina who reside in Pearlington. A small donation can help build a house for families in need. Please go to the link to find out more information about the project. If you make a donation, hop on over to the Purls of Hope blog and they'll sign you up for a little prize. 


Now to the MeMe:



1. Yourself: busy
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): love
3. Your hair: boring
4. Your mother: sick
5. Your Father: lost
6. Your Favorite Item: computer
7. Your dream last night: spelling
8. Your Favorite drink: Propel
9. Your Dream Car: Beetle
10. The room you are in: messy
11. Your Ex: gone
12. Your fear: death
13. What you want to be in 10 years? alive
14. Who you hung out with last night? family
15. What You’re Not? Cook
16. Muffins: nuts
17. One of Your Wish List Items: Ariann
18. Time: fast
19. The Last Thing You Did: folded
20. What You Are Wearing: jeans
21. Your Favorite Weather: summer
22. Your Favorite Book: Notebook
23. The Last Thing You Ate: Tamales
24. Your Life: AWESOME
25. Your Mood: melancholic
26. Your best friend: Hubby
27. What are you thinking about right now? book
28. Your car: Toyota
29. What are you doing at the moment? typing
30. Your summer: gone
31. Your relationship status: happy
32. What is on your TV? HP
33. What is the weather like? FRIGID!
34. When is the last time you laughed? lunch

A wee Baby Bonnet


Instead of working this weekend on something important, I decided to pick up an old UFO and give it another try. I created 2 or 3, or 4 of these little things over the weekend. Each one had something different that didn't exactly work.

I wanted to have a scalloped edge to frame the face so on my first try I loom knitted the bonnet from the front to the back, the results were good, but not good enough, especially since I loom knitted too many lace pattern repeats and the front section was super long.

After a few more tries, success!

The baby bonnet, which I have named: Sweetheart Baby Bonnet was loom knitted on a small gauge knitting loom. I used worsted weight wool (Patons Merino wool). It has a small section of lace that forms a cute scalloped edge around the face.

Here are more pictures of it: sorry that the baby is not real, it will take me at least 9 months to get a real one to pose for the pictures...I'll work on it though, hehehehe.


Other updates: The Anna socks are still on the needles, I am working on sock number 2. I am also working on some other loom knitting patterns and loom knitting tutorials. The Loomy Q & A day will be posted later today after I get my dirty laundry under control.

Pssst....it's a secret: Invitation to Knitty Gritty as guest designer!!! Woot!

I have a secret to tell....ssshhh...are you ready, come closer: little me has been invited to be a guest designer on the Knitty Gritty show!!! I am at the edge of my seat, sweating and hyperventilating! I have known for a few days but I couldn't tell anyone--it was just too "unreal" that they accepted me and my little looms to come to the studio. I will be meeting the superb Vickie, that is if I don't faint and end in a comma at the hospital from hitting my head on the floor!


{Knitting Looms}

I will be demonstrating loom knitting and a really cool fair isle project. I am flying out at the beginning of December to tape the show which will air sometime next year (probably in the fall).

Here, you can watch the little video I prepared as a mini-demo about me and me looms...don't laugh, I had to film it all on my own, while the kids kept knocking on the door (the video was somewhat like my interview for the producer--talk about feeling the heat!!).

I am so nervous...I have a few days to calm my nerves and stop squealing from excitement. This is such a huge thing for us loom knitters, our craft will be featured in such an important show: in the words of Neil Armstrong adapted to knitting looms: One small step for me, one giant leap for the loom knitting community.

I must be crazy or very, very prepared!

Do you remember last week when it was snowing up here in ol' Cache Valley...well, the cold from that day must chilled me to the bone or I must have fallen down and hit my head.

Bryantwithhat_1I am never prepared, usually, I procrastinate til the last minute, you must remember last Christmas when all of you had the Christmas stockings ready and then there was me...the one who ended up putting her kids treats in a brown paper bag and on Christmas Day told her children that Santa was way too busy to give them little red stockings full of treats instead Santa was being thrifty. Aye, that's me!

The silly Mom who waits til the last minute to throw her son a perfect birthday party then realizes that she doesn't have any candles for the cake so she rushes to the neighbor to borrow candles....cake ends up with pink candles, good thing Wonderboy was too small to know about colors.

Nyahwithhat_1Well for once, I decided to be a little more organized and I started knitting the winter necessities. 2 Celtic caps down, and 2 more to go. There was supposed to be only one--the gray one, but someone forgot to measure the swatch--she checked stitch gauge but she forgot to measure row gauge--which is essential in this pattern! I knew about 10 rows into the chart that the cap was going to be too short for me, but I still kept going--I was holding onto false hope. Ten rows from being done and ready to rip it, I tried it on both Wonderkids and to my amazement it fit them perfectly (relief washed over me as I was reluctant of ripping out all the work).

Celtic Cap details

Logantbloganriver5 Pattern: Celtic Cap by The Girl from Auntie

Version: B chart and Rolled Edge: B chart and Picot Edge

Yarn: Gray Hat: Rowan 4 ply soft--1 skein (I had a little bit leftover):

Blue Hat: Joanns Bellezza Tesoro-100% Wool--2 skeins

Size: Gray: Fits my 2 year old and my 4 year old. Blue: Adult

Pattern Adaptations: None--the pattern is very well written and easy to understand.

I would knit it again any day. I love the fluidity of the cables and the different options that come with the pattern.

Myhat *Of no true importance but I am so tickled pink--the picture of the blue hat was completely altered in Fireworks. It was taken by DAman inside the house and I took the background out and added a picture of our Cache Valley mountains as the new background. I just downloaded a 30-day Free trial version of Photoshop--so I should be able to do some cool stuff like all of you bloggers out there. Playtime here I come--yay!

(untouched picture)

Picture Perfect?!?

Goldbkg Picture perfect! I found this neat lightbox the other day at Julia's blog and I thought to myself--hey, I could make one (alright, I thought, hubby could make one, ha!) I have always wanted to take more artsy photographs or photos that would look a bit on the professional side. You have seen the pictures that look like they are just floating in the air, or seem to have no background at all. 

I expressed the interest to darling hubby and handed him the printed materials list and how-tos, he looked it over and said--oh that is easy! The hardest part of the project: getting the PVC into our car!

The picture still has room for improvement, but it is way better than without the lightbox. Here is the lightbox in action! I will be making some adjustments: like new lights, cut the sheet to have it form fitted to the box, cutting a hole at the top of the sheet to take arial view pictures.


With Winter approaching and long dark days ahead of us, I am thinking the light box will become quite handy.

Sockgoldbkg One sock finished: Taken with lightbox with gold background. I love how the colors come alive. Now all I need is a set of sock shapers for the picture to be even better!

Sockwhitebkg Bad Picture: Needs a lot of improvent. Background is white, but the lights are giving it a tint and it is taking away the color from the socks.

Maybe what I need is one of these little inexpensive toys, hehehehe. Hoooooooonnnney!

Seriously, what do you think--do you see an improvement on the pictures? Or better yet, do you have any tips on better picture taking?


First let me show you our yummy food, recipe courtesy of Miriam. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Next time, we are going to sprinkle some Lemon-Pepper for a tangy taste. Follow her recipe exactly for a super-crunchy-tasty skin and moist inside chicken. We will be making this chicken often at our house...great taste and super easy to make. We put the potatoes around the chicken and they tasted delicious with the chicken drippings. Thanks for the great recipe Mim!


After dinner, we took a trip to the wonderful world of Staples for toner for the Brother printer and I came back with some little goodies....and the toner too (of course, we didn't remember to look up our printer model so we were a little lost but Sam's photographic memory started working at the nick of time!)

Look at my goodies: StaplesgoodiesTiny-Itty-Bitty-Gel Pens in all colors.  A cute little clip-on pink calculator that I can clip-on my Patterns Notebook (commonly known in my household as "mom's video game") ..gosh, how I miss back-to-school shopping! Going to Staples is always such a fun experience. I love going down each isle and seeing all the new goodies they have available.

Ruanaswatch Close-up of the swatch up above:

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino SuperChunky

Project: Ruana for the book. I am lagggin' behind with this one project--the yarn I had for the book did not work and at the end I had to call my friend at LittleKnits and she hooked me up right away with the heavenly Cashmerino. The Ruana is almost there (if you consider having 1/2 of it done and a 1/4 of the other half done as almost done).

Quick Decrease at the Crown

Decreasing the crown for a Gather Removal.

No more bulkyness at the top of the hat! Use this quick method to decrease at the crown. Guideline: last 2-2 ½ inches of the hat.

1. Move stitch to the neighbor peg (from odd to even). Loom ends up as: 1 empty peg, peg with two loops

2. Ski wrap (in and out of the pegs, making sure the yarn ends up to the front of the peg on the pegs with the 2 loops.

3. Knit 2 over 1, only on the very first round, following rounds only lift 1 over 1.

Rep steps 2 and 3 for approx 2-2 1/2 inches.

Remove with Gather Removal Method.



Sky at 8pm, on our last Saturday in July. By far, it is one of my favorite Saturday Sky pictures that I have taken--for some reason, it gives me a sense of hope.

Designing I have spent the best part of the day designing a fair isle stitch pattern for a hat--every time I thought I had something, I faced a wall--a set amount of pegs that I needed to meet. After several hours, I came up with the exact stitch count that would work with the knitting loom in mind....what do you think?


You see that pink something--it is a little sneak peek into a huge project that my friend Dlandra helped me knit. She did such a wonderful job! Thanks for having my back! Love ya Sista!!

Anothersleepingbeauty And lastly, I wanted to share a picture from my other little one--he fell asleep thinking--I have named the picture--the Thinker, hehehehe...original :). The little stuff dragon is his favorite--his name is Scorchy and I brought him with me when I moved from NY--it has been B's nite, nite "protector" since he was about 1 year old.

Sky2 One last picture of our Saturday evening sky.

Throw me a line...I am drowning!



I am dying. My hand hurts from all the loom knitting I have been doing. You have heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away--well, the same principle does not apply to a Loom Knitted Project a Day.

So if you see me a bit quiet for the next few days--I have not died (at least I hope not). I am just innundated with yarn and looms.

Send energy and good karma my way. Oh, and sleep for me just a wee bit!


ShoesOh, check my new shoes....me loves them. They are PINK! I wanted them in blue but they were all gone :(.

They do listen...but most importantly--they watch you

Bryantandnyah2 Children can be so adorable. I just had to share this wonderful little bit of today with you. I was folding clothes when the following was happening:

It all started when Nyah found one of her babies in the toy room. She brought it upstairs and both her and Bryant started playing together.

B: This baby needs a diaper change

Bryantplaying N: (runs to get a diaper-gives it to Bryant) Bryant takes off the diaper the baby is wearing and gives it to Nyah. Nyah runs away saying "garbage, garbage--pewweee"

B: Mom, baby needs her clothes changed.

(I give them a little outfit)

Bryantandnyah_3 Bryant proceeds to take off the clothes on the baby and Nyah helps by pulling on the little arms.  After fumbling with the outfit, they finally get the baby dressed.

Bryant wraps it in a blankie and sings

"Rock a baby and good night is time to go to sleep--mommy is knitting so you sleep...."

They both lay down on the couch and Bryant realizes that the baby doesn't have a bed and he says

B: You little stinker, you can't sleep with us, you kick too much.

Bryant gets down from the couch and goes up to find a box for the baby. Nyah grabs the baby and starts singing Twinkle Twinkle.

Bryant finds a box and puts the baby in the box-now a baby crib. And he tiredly says--

B: Oh this baby kept me awake all night long, now I have to go make looms. Nyah you stay home and feed the baby bottle and knit.

He goes to the other room then comes back saying

B: Oh, I am tired! Making looms is hard work. I waxed all day....(exhales a huge Sighhhh)

He grabs the baby and sits with it and starts playing with it. 

(I go upstairs to put the clothes away)

A couple of minutes pass:

B: Mom, we are going to buy the baby diapers, you watch the baby. Take good care of her. She needs a bottle and don't give her candy! (We have been trying to get Nyah to stop eating candy--Bryant has caught on to the general idea!)

N: Bye baby, wooove you.  (She gently picks up the baby and gives her a kissy).

ProjectcloseupThe afternoon was one of the most pleasant and revealing of my life. I keep thinking that my kids never listen to me--despite my screaming, but today, I realized that they may ignore my voice, but their little eyes watch my every move!

In the loom knitting front--I was able to finally finish the shrug. There was some frogging and some headbanging as the original pattern I had in mind didn't exactly work with the yarn, but at the end, I found the perfect beginner stitch pattern.

In Mommy duties--we are just tickled pink--Nyah can count to 10 in both Spanish and English! And...wait, that's not all, she is completely off the bottle--it took us long enough (she is 19mos), she was very much attached to it.  She looks for food when she needs comfort (I think she got that from me, poor muffin).  Bryant--well, he is my little helper. He has learned to fold all of his clothes! It is such a time saver! He folds his little clothes and Nyah's! Yay!!

Oh--Check out Nona's Research in Comparing Left Slanting Decreases!

I spy


Another beautiful Saturday in this side of the world.

During the past week, I have been converting some needle knit dishcloth patterns onto chart form. The charts have been a great hit and a few friends have been asking me about the knitting font I use...but I won't tell...it is my secret, my secret. HAHAHAHA! Ok, it is not a secret, it is actually a well known website through out the blog-sphere. 

A few months ago after searching low and high for a way to create nice looking charts for some of my loom knitted patterns, I came across a terrific website, Aire River Design, they provide a free knitting font for personal use and for self-publishers. It is very simple to use. Just download the font onto your pc, install it and you are set. You can use the font on any of your computer programs and create professional looking charts.

I use mine in Word. I simply insert a table with the number of columns (for stitches) and with the number of rows necessary. Then I just insert the symbol needed into each cell. That's it! Really neat and easy!

There now, you know my secret to my pretty charts. There are other free knitting fonts out there, but I have not had the chance to try them.

Now...for the things I spy on my beautiful Saturday--what do you Spy?