Fall Issue of LKC magazine is live!

It took a little longer than we had thought but we (Denise and I) finally have the Fall issue of LKC magazine ready. We were implementing some changes and in the midst of all the changes, I made a bonehead mistake and I deleted two folders from my files and it messed up all my links! Spent half the night fixing links...eek. Word to the wise: do not work on important files when your kids are throwing things at you.

Hope you enjoy the issue!


Sheepish Thank Yous & Contest Winner


You see that cute little face--does she give you a nice fuzzy feeling and make you want to smile? Well, that is the feeling I got for every single one of your comments about Loom Knitters Magazine. You guys are awesome and I just love the support from all of you! Even my lovely needle knitting friends came and browsed the e-zine! You guys just rock!! Nice fuzzy feelings all around.  I wish I could give each of you a hug and some luv for all the support you have shown me. Thank youuu!

And here is a shameless plug for the magazine (I stole that line from Stacey), if you are interested in writing an article or submitting a pattern, please drop us a line (either to me or to Denise). We would love to see your ideas. Also, I added a forum today to the magazine--go check it out and be sure to leave us feedback in there or if you are a designer, check out the Suggestions for Future Issues where the users are leaving their ideas for future designs ;).

Well and now a shout out to our contest winner--she made the 3000th comment and I am so thrilled to announce this...the winner is.....drummmm roolllll: Jan R!! Congratulations Jan R., she doesn't have a blog but I already emailed her, I hope she comes around the blog to see too that she won :).

Thank you all for participating and for making March 1st a superb day! But the festivites are not over, you see, my blog will be 2 years old in April, so another contest will surely be in order to celebrate my blogiversary in style. More on this bloggiversary contest to come Monday.

For now my dear bloggers, I am off to bed. It has been a long, long week, and even my wrists hurt from being at the computer for so long.

Oh, very last thing, I have a class that I teach/lead/answer-questions-to in progress right now in a Yahoo group, if you are in the class and you need assistance or need to see more pictures, I have posted them on my Loom Knitting Classes blog--so be sure to check it out. I guess even if you are not in the class, you can still go there and grab the pattern and follow along.

Now, I am really off to bed. Have a loomyliscious weekend!

Loomy Surprise...and the 3000th comment contest!

Are you ready to see....I can't wait to tell you. It is something I have been working on for the past two months. There was so much involved with this new adventure, so many things to take care of, so many little details. The process was arduous and there was much stuff that had to be re-learned. My desk at one point had every single textbook that I own on the subject opened up and I probably went through 100 sticky notes marking the different pages that I needed to consult.

But, I would be lying if I told you that it is all me, no, this was a team effort. I partnered with another loomatic friend--we have decided to call each other the Knit Stitch and Purl Stitch respectively. If you are a loom knitter, the chances are that you already know Knit Stitch, she is another popular loom knitter and she even has some book writing experience under her belt, if you guessed Denise, you are right! While I messed around with website stuff, she tirelessly worked on proofing all the content...she even got the new OneNote to keep track of all the emails and information going back and forth (unfortunately, I doubt it will remind her of the dinner she has in the oven, so no help in that department--yet!).

But, even between the two of us, we couldn't have accomplished what we did without the mad designing skillz from our friend Cynthia from Hula-la. She gave us the LOOK! The image for our new enterprise, and she did an awesome job too! She is just amazing! You can tell her an idea of what you want and she takes it and makes it a reality! We love ya girl, thank you from all of us loomies!!!

And even with the three of us, we still needed a little more help and this is where the loom knitting community really came through and made the impossible, possible!

I present you our very own, LOOM KNITTERS MAGAZINE!


Amuse me and go check out our new LKCMag...and let us know your thoughts. We have many big plans for the future of the magazine, expect regular Columns, Tutorials, and loomy patterns and articles and once I get the hang on Forums, even our very own forum to talk about the patterns. So exciting!!!

Here is a button to place in your loomy blog :)...help us spread the word about our very own mag!


If the Loomy Surprise wasn't enough excitement this next thing surely is a high note in my excitement-meter. I realized the other day that I am a few hairlines away from reaching my 3000th comment and it is before my 2nd year anniversary(coming up in April). I know it is nothing compared to what notorious bloggers get, but I am so thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me feel so great! And to thank you even more, I am having a little contest from now until the number 3000 is reached. The 3000th commenter will receive:

If she/he is a loom knitter

a)Copy of Loom Knitting Primer


If she/he is a needle knitter (there is no way a needle knitter would need the book above, so a different prize shall be given)

b)A knitting loom so you can experience something new, hehehe, just joking! How about---a skein of sock yarn--Trekking XXL.

I thank you for making me believe I am amusing ya by dropping me comments--it makes this gal happy.