Something is a-foot...The Finale

In our last installment of our mysterious project for Provo Craft, our trip took us down to Spanish Fork, UT,3ofus not very far from home but far enough that I needed my chauffeur aka hubby to drive me there. We picked up lovely Jenny on our way down then we were going to meet up with Bethany at the hotel. We were all staying at the same hotel, hubby bunking with me and Jenny and Bethany having a slumber party in another room.

The mission this time around: to present 2 or 3 projects in camera for future use in a DVD! The DVD will be given as a freebie in a Knifty Knitter Loom package.

After arriving at the hotel, we headed to the Provo Craft warehouse to pick up Bethany and head out to dinner. We got a tour through the warehouse, lots of crafty stuff all over the place. Afterwards, we headed to dinner. We were all starving! After driving around we only found a TGI Friday' is food so we went in. We all ended up ordering the same dish--Chicken-Steak Fajitas. They were delish! I specially enjoyed the steak. 

BaggyGetting to know the girls was quite delightful! Over dinner, we kept teasing Bethany about her fun PT Cruiser car, hehehe. She loves that car! After dinner, I joined the girls and went to their room to get a nails are always a mess and the next day required nice pretty nails. Bethany told us all about how her and her hubby got hooked up, true sweethearts from quite young! He loved her so much he kept bugging her all throughout their school years. Jenny all the while kept loom knitting away, finishing the last minute things, giggling at Bethany's story. They are truly wonderful gals. I am so glad to be counted among their friends. I had to go get some Z's so I said goodnight and my goodbyes to Bethany. She was flying back home at 8am in the morning. Jenny and I still had a few more hours together the next day.

 The next day brought work for Jenny and I. I went in first early in the morning. At first I was nervous, butScarf Cameron, the producer, was wonderful. He kept everything simple and low-key. He made me feel comfortable and not at all nervous. I presented my three projects, beginner (the scarf done on a knitting board), intermediate (the Arellis Bracelet) and advanced (the little pink baggy) and a short little introduction. The introduction was the hardest of the three, you would think I would know what to say about myself, the usual doesn't work in this situation "Hi, my name is Isela. I am a mother of two, wife to 1. I have a passion for running, swimming, weight lifting and that order too." Yeah, the usual doesn't work. But, we worked something out and I came up with something of use.

At the end of my taping, hubby and Jenny arrived at the set. Unfortunately, I had to get back home to be  with the kiddos so I didn't get a chance to see Jenny for much longer :(. She looked fabulous in her purple top! Her hair was all pretty curls too! We had a quick lunch together and then Sam and I headed home.

The entire project was fun and I hope the DVD finds its way into many of your homes. The infomercial should be coming out after Thanksgiving. It will be aired in most networks, keep your eyes open and let us know if you see it.