Destash Fundraiser for a zoomer!

A bitter-sweet moment today. I am really close to finally getting my license, I have been practicing every chance I get. I still can't park straight but I don't feel so afraid going from one side of town to the other. The time has come for me to get my first little zoomer!!! So excited! Anyways, I am parting with most of my stash--a lot of my ultimate favorite in the collection to fund my little zoomer. I hope you can find something in my stash for your stash. I will be adding stash all during the weekend. First beloved sock yarn: think Yarntini, Vesper, SweetGeorgia, Blue Moon, Koigu...and lots more. The slide shows some of the yarn in the Sock Destash. Come to my Destash blog to see more.

I am official--check my new blog banner!

I am so official now...see my new banner and cute little button! I am officially the Purling Sprite in the blog-sphere! Cynthia hooked me up with a mystifying-sizzling web banner. For lack of better words---it totally rocks! Look closely--I am knitting socks (my favorite item to knit), it is purple--lots of shades of purple, and she even added a couple of knitting looms! I just feel so glamorous--a glamorous Purling Sprite ;).

To celebrate my new banner, I had to start a pair of socks--in purple of course. The stripey goodness is the self-striping yarn I got from Scout..I love the swirling stripes of black and purple. The design--my own crazy thing, I'll post the pattern when I finish the first sock, it is not difficult at all. I am using size 1 Crystal Palace dpns and a rib of k6, p2.

Blackpurlssock2  Blackpurlssock

  ProcessprojectIn other projects, I am chugging along with the loom knitting projects...slowly but surely. I can see the end near....yay!

I have decided that every day, I am going to set an hour aside to knit on hour a day may not seem like much, but I can get a few rounds on a sock done, or even a small project done--time to take out the One Skein book out!

WeirdplantReporting on the weird plant: It has some type of weird-looking-flowers now.Weirdplant2  My neighbor next door (whom cornered me after coming back from Knitter's Nite) inform me that it is a thistle and I should take it out. So--the weird plant is not from out-of-space like some of you suggested, so no big money is to be made...sad news, I know, hahahaha. Come this fall, I am afraid a lot of the plants in the yard are going to be taken a one way trip to plant-heaven.

Checking out for now from the bunnies in Utah....the glamorous, purple,  Purling Sprite :). Thanks Cynthia for the great banner!

Patterns over here, patterns over there. Gorgeous patterns everywhere!


(Picture property of Cookie, posted here with permission)

I have been having the urge to learn how to knit socks toe up, but my mind keeps telling me that I can't do it....why would I bother with the method, the top-down method has been serving me very well. Not to mention, I am not very fond of short row heels--I really like my flap heels....BUT...I shall have a change of heart...why? The new knitty has the most gorgeous pair of socks I have ever seen--it has cables, it has is red!!! Hotty, Hotty, Hotty!

Meet my ultimate sock love--the Baudelaire sock designed by Cookie. The name stroke a chord right away--it reminded me of the Baudelaire children from A Series of Unfortunate Events and of one of the most influential poets of the 19th Century, Charles Baudelaire--yeah, I remember reading him back in college--no, not for a class but for personal enjoyment. I was crazy like that....was trying to get some culture....didn't work, tee, hee hee.

Be still my heart, I shall teach these hands to knit socks toe-up so I can dress my little tootsies with a pair of Baudelaire Socks.

Another must knit from this issue of Knitty, the Perdita bracelets, desiged by Elizabeth. It gives the children friendship bracelets a new  twist. I can see me knitting a few for upcoming gifties. They are knitted with DMC thread. Quick and beautiful project.

  Perditabeauty_1 (Picture property of Elizabeth, posted here with pemission)

Oh my...look!!


We interrupt your regular Saturday schedule to show you some precious things in my backyard.

I am not one with a green-thumb, but see what I have in my garden. I absolutely have no idea what type of flower this is, but it is beautiful! I have seen some gorgeous flowers in others blogs and always admired them, now I have some of my own to share! yay! I may become Isela of the Green Thumb Yet!! I have my heart set on Norma's Peonies (is that the plural for Peony?)...and I am getting brave enough to go to Home Depot and pick up some plants/seeds. Any idea what type of flower this is?


But wait, that is not all I have in my garden. My children came in excited about something pink/red that my daughter keeps calling "papple" but in reality is a strawberry! We found a red, succulent, plump jewel that we plucked away and Nyah put in her mouth, then decided against it and took it out and ran to give it to Dad, hahahaha.

Bryant on the other hand, he recognize the goodness right away and plucked a couple and proceeded to eat them...asking for more, but there are no more, the remaining jewels are still green.

We are so pleased with our little back yard...we keep finding little treasures all the time.

My question: do I need to do anything special to keep my precious little plants alive and producing fruit in the upcoming years? I may not have a green thumb, but I am willing to learn :)

Strawberries2  Strawberries

Is that a plane? A rocket? Superman? No, no, it is an FO!


Dress1 The little Princess Sundress is finished!! I had so much fun knitting this little thing. It took less than 2 skeins of Misti Pima Cotton/Silk. Timewise, about 2 days to complete. Little Nyah loved it! She didn't want to take it off when it was time to put it away for the day. She cried "dresss, dress, dress", the girl has good taste...she wants to use it as her pj's...I guess I would too if I had a silk pajama dress, hehehehe.

The yarn feels luxurious to the touch, and the drape is very subtle. Although, I did see that if I hold Nyah in my arms, the dress wrinkles, but the wrinkles come out very quickly by just smoothing the dress down.

I really didn't know how to block this type of I went with the steam method, Nyahsittingdown trying very carefully not to touch the yarn with the iron, then I just smoothed out any wrinkles it had.  I also sprayed the feather and fan area with water and pinned it down for a few hours to stretch the fans out.

Overall: The dress is a success. Little N is happy with it. I enjoyed working wth the yarn and I am thinking of making another one in pink!

I thought taking pictures of Nyah when she was 6 months old was, it if Mission Impossible! She wiggles, she runs, she squeals, she hides...she twirls around Dress2 when you tell her to model the dress and then when you think you have the perfect shot--she sits down on the floor and shows you her diaper, hahahaha, or she runs to the camera and says "Nyah, Nyah picture." It is hard to explain to a 1 year old that you can't really show her a picture of herself if she doesn't sit still to have one taken.

Last resort--I took my old camera out and told her that she needed to take a picture ofBryantandnyah_2  Mom, Dad, or Bryant. That kept her still for a few micro-seconds...enough to have a few shots taken! Little stinker!!!

But, look at the picture on the right---->>>you see that picture....check the left side, that is Bryant dancing...his head is on the floor and his legs are straight up!!! He is a riot!

In our five minutes of "Mommy and kids time" today, we had a little foot spa, courtesy of Aunty Becky. ToepamperingShe sent me a nice little gadget and lotion that smooths out all the rough spots on the feet (intended for me, but the kids want in the pampering too!). Well, the kids saw me putting the batteries in the gadget and they both rushed to my side, both of them taking their socks off without me asking! We all gathered around a little towel taking turns with the miracle foot gadget. Nyah just giggled every time I touched her with it and Bryant wanted to take it for a spin on his truck!!  Although they both enjoyed the little widget they thought receiving a foot massage with the lotion was the best thing ever...Nyah kept coming back for more...I think I gave her at least 7 foot massages today!!

We are off on a little mini-vacation, as you read this, we are probably driving out of Utah into Colorado for a little road trip that will take us to Estes Park Wool Festival, yippeee!!! (Yeah, I plan our  family vacations around Fiber Shows, hehehehe...Rhinebeck you are next on the list, hehehe!!) I am so looking forward to this trip...there will be a Utah-Colorado Bloggers Meet on Saturday, I can't wait to see all the gals from SLC's SnB...and of course get some yummy yarns!

Have a terrific weekend!!!

A Little Sunshine

Magnificentsky As I sat at my computer two days ago, I realized that although the sun was shining  Sky_1 outside and the world around me seem very happy, I wasn't with the world. I had been cooped up in this room typing away and looking at chunky and bulky weight yarns. My hands missed the feel of slick, speedy needles and thin yarns. In the spur of the moment, I grabbed a skein of Misti Pima Cotton/Silk and put it into a center pull ball, next thing I knew I was sitting in my couch knitting away, oblivious to the world and my kids.

Nyahsdressbeginnings What was I knitting, no idea, I just sat there and knitted a test swatch of 28 stitches. The yarn passing through my fingers, the feel of the slick metal on my hands and eventually the warmth of the needles was too intoxicating to give up. After finding my gauge, I quickly casted on 130 stitches....what for, no idea, I just went with my gut feeling. What started as a garter stitch edging, quickly grew into a feather and fan pattern. Still, my mind was blank as to what I was knitting. Next thing I knew, I was decreasing at each side and realized that my mind was working a pattern--I had always wanted a sundress for little Nyah and while I had not planned to make one for her, my mind, my hands, and my heart knew what I wanted to accomplish.

NyahsdresscloseupThe pattern had been developing all on its hands just felt at home with the needles and the yarn. Even the feather pattern design that I tried a few months ago just popped into my mind without even having to look for the stitch pattern or stitch count! Dare I say it...I may be a real knitter!!!! If you know the pattern stitch count, you may know that I casted on 2 stitches extra, but I just shoved one at each side of the "project" which helped quite a bit in marking the beginning and center of the work.

NyahssundressI must admit, work (both house work and looming work) has been neglected, but if the Knitting Muse is on your side, you shouldn't leave her there screaming at you, let your fingers do the work and let the yarn glide swiftly through your fingers.

I don't know how this would look on my little princess, but I am hoping for two things:

1. It will fit

2. She likes it!

The dress will have a ribbon through the eyelets. It will close with buttons by the shoulders. I need to pickup buttons and ribbon to finish it....and of course finish knitting the front!

May the Knitting Muse continue to be in my home for at least one more day, so I can finish the A Little Sunshine!

Sky pictures were taken thinking of Sandy. I took them one afternoon last week when it was about 9pm and the living room all of a sudden had an orange/red glow. I had to get up and see what was going on. Nature is so divine and every day we have special moments like these two pictures...sometimes, we are too busy to notice, but they are there for all of us :)

Shorty Blues

Blueshorty_1I had to do it. It was driving me crazy. I went 3 weeks without picking up my needles, but Monday afternoon, I broke down. I needed a bit of a break from loom knitting. Although the looming deadline is upon me, I just couldn't keep going without getting some "me-knitting-time" in there. I found my escape in a pair of quick shorty socks, inspired by all the cute little shorty socks from KnitPastis.

Margene Shortybluesexpressed my sentiments on her latest post about socks...they are my escape to paradise!  I find that whenever I need to escape or to get a sense of fulfillment, I pick up my little needles and some gorgeous handyed yarn and a sense of relief quickly feels my knitting heart. 

The yarn called my name from the said, "knit me, knit me, I can bring you a sense of peace and fulfillment". As I knitted each tiny little stitch, I felt like a vase being filled with happiness. Happiness that now I can disperse around little by little.

Now, I can go back to my daily schedule loom knitting...looming deadline No. 1 is around the corner!

Shorty Blues Specs
Sunshine Yarns
Needles: 1.5 from Crystal Palace
Pattern: My own--hahaha, I feel so proud to say that!

I have the knitting Blahs!

Dsc05288 It must be all the work I have to do around the house, whatever it is, the knitting blahs have come to visit me. Blahhhhhhh!!!!

No Knitting or Loom Knitting Content....Blahhhhh, BORING.KNITTER.AT.WORK.

Found something cool over at this blog--Smartpatterns software! I would like to give it a spin and see what is all about.

Send the good knitting vibes over to me.......FEEL.UNMOTIVATED.

Belated Blogiversary!

It appears that I missed my own Blogiversary. Too many things happening this month that I can hardly keep my thoughts straight. Well, happy blogiversary to me, happy blogiversary to me! hahahah. Thanks for hanging around with this crazed loom knitter for the past year. It has been fun, and it has been real.  And dare I say it--it has been REAL FUN!! ;).


I finally found the camera--actually, hubby found it. He forgot he put it in the car's glove compartment. I don't know what he was thinking by putting it there--we never, ever look in there!! I was ready to take out the Visa and get me a new one--terrible that he found it before I smoked the card!

Dsc05278 In the move, I lost my slippers, I think I accidentally threw them in one of the bags that went in the garbage, so yarn and needles came out of their forced vacation. I am making a pair of Fiber Trends Clogs. The yarn is all odds and ends I had in the stash. I have used the child size pattern for a pair for B last year and I remember having a bit of trouble remembering the row I was on, well, nothing has changed. I still can't keep my eyes focused on the pattern--last year was my listening to Eragon on tape, this time was a little one clammoring at the top of her little lungs that she was the baby and she wanted milk! It was really cute and I was enjoying it, until I realized that I had knitted the same row 3 times!!! Let me tell you something--frogging rows that have all those M1, SSK, and K2Tog, and W&T are no fun, no fun at all!

Well, I am off to bed, here are the promised pictures of the boring craft room...and Mim, look at what I got to amuse myself :)...Bunny Suicides! They are just awesome! I have a sick sense of humor, lol. I also couldn't resist getting Furry Logic on Parenthood a good laugh....oh dear!

Woosh--I am moved in!!

  • 5 Rolls of Viva Towels
  • 1 Mr. Clean Bottle
  • 1 Lysol Disinfectant Bottle
  • 1 Windex Bottle
  • 6 Mr. Clean Eraser pads
  • About 50 boxes of stuff (some worth keeping, some have me wondering!)
  • 2 weeks worth of energy spent in 3 days!

Results: Priceless=One humongous move from one little apartment to our new place.

Hoooray!!! It only took us about 3 days of moving stuff from one place to the other. Lots of cleaning was involved--my poor knees are feeling it from the kneeling down to scrub floors.

Well, I was going to share some pictures of the craft room, but--Bad news: It appears that the camera is nowhere to be found, hubby packed it, apparently in the same bag as the camcorder--the bag has the camcorder and the PDA, but no camera...hmmmm.  I spent the last hour looking through boxes and I cannot find it. Pictures of the craft room will come as soon as I find the elusive camera. Just picture a bright blue room for the moment.

Knitlitejpg Have you read the latest on knitting needles: Knit Lite--The new needles have glowing L.E.D. at the tips to make it possible to knit in the dark--think movie theater. They will be debuting down the knitting isles next month...price: about $20. Looks pretty fancy--I wonder what the other movie-goers would say about the flashing little tips....hmmm

I can do it!!

Dsc05119 Guess what?!? I don't really need that Sewing for Idiots book--well, I do, but not really! I actually need a Threading a Sewing Machine Book, hahahah. I made it work, I made it work! It took some work and some very bad language but it worked.

I even managed to make two liners for my loom knitted cables baguettes. Of course, I wasn't supposed to make 2 but I messed up on the first one, instead of closing the short sides and leaving one of the longest sides open, I closed the long sides and left one of the short sides open. It didn't bother me that much though, I was feeling quite comfortable and happy that I made the machine work. Hubby took the pictures Dsc05124 of me--he said he was going to start a blog so he needed some material, hahahah.

Although the sewing experience was successful, I suffered a minor accident. In trying to cut a little hole for the magnetic snaps into the fabric, I decided that my finger was good practice and I sliced it open with the scissors--no, there are no pictures of that as I am a complete and absolute chicken when it comes to blood, especially mine. I stood there, mortified, and screamed to hubby, "hurry, I need a band-aid" during the few seconds it Liner took him to run to the bathroom, all I could hear was "drum, drum, drummmmm", my face got really hot, my knees felt like they were about to fold over me, and my head--oh dear, my head was going around and around, I knew that if I moved even one step, I would probably fall down flat on my face ( The idea did occur to me that the finger would be a great blog picture though--blogger at work!) but my legs were not responding to my brain and I was not moving for anything. Finally, the seconds which to me seem hours, passed and hubby arrived with the band-aid....phoey, what an experience. I do not know how doctor's do it, I just see a bit and I go weak in the knees. Good thing I didn't soil the pretty pink yarn. Needless to say, the little accident has had an impact on my needle knitting. Today, I tried to pick up the needles, but my finger couldn't handle it. So back to looming I went....

Cablesbaguettecollection Back to the bag liners, since I did manage to make one of them right, even with a sore finger, I had to lined at least one of the cables baguettes. Aye, there are 3 now :). The original red, and two new ones: the purple with ribbon and the pink one. The pattern(s) are not available at this time, but I should have at least one of them available really soon.  C'mon I would love to hear your comments on them--remember, they were loom knitted, so be kind :).

Odessa KAL

On other news--the Odessa KAL deadline for the prizes has arrived. If you signed up and would like to be eligible to win a prize, email me at odessaKAL AT gmail DOT com by midnight on Friday MST. The drawing will be held this coming Saturday.

Flash Your Stash Day

FlashyourstashIt is the day to come out of the closet and tell the entire world how much insulation yarn I have in my closet.  So, without further delay, let me Flash my Stash for you! But, I will let the pictures do the talking today.

First, let's start with the sock yarn. Which will serve a double duty today, first for my Flast my Stash, and also for the Sock Yarn Addict's Club. It is the only one that I have an actual count.

Firslayer Total 42 skeins. I know, it is hardly a stash worth mentioning (heheheh)

2ndlayer 3rdlayer

Then, I started counting the rest, but I lost count and my kids started getting hungry so I had to just take a quick photos.

In total:

  • 3 huge tubs.
  • 2 Wide Drawer Carts with 3 drawers each
  • 2 Medium  3 Drawer Cart

Stash2 Stash4

A quick peek into the contents and you will find:

Stash1 Stashwoolpeek Stash3 Ksh

Well, now you know how much yarn I have. All I can say is the following: It is Not Nearly Enough!! :)  So, how much yarn do you have, let's see, Flash Your Stash!


SaxonysockYep,  many of you were right my anal retentive self could not let that sock be made the wrong way. I had to rip it! It is not in my nature to do make something  wrong purposely.  Not only did I forget the 2 purls before and after the cable, but I forgot to add the stitches to the body of the sock altogether. I am really a doofus! I was so concentrated in following the chart that I forgot to follow the written directions.

So into the pool it went to visit Mr. Frog. But, now, it is a pretty, perfect sock (note: perfect in the sense that it at least fits me, even if it does have laddering problems in some parts).

Dsc04817The picture of my sock was taken down in Salt Lake at the SnB meeting! Yah! me at a SnB meeting :)! Kim was here visiting and her and Mim were going to go down, so Dlandra and I tagged along.  It was my first girl's day out too and I loved it (granted by 8pm I was missing my hubby and kids).  A must stop at Black Sheep yarn store was in order. The spoils of the evening: 2 skeins of Cashsoft DK, some awesome Crystal Palace dpns, and 1 skein of handpainted yarn (handpainted yarn was purchased at the SnB meeting)!

Dsc04800_1 But there were more fun stored for the evening--I got to meet so many wonderful knitters. Some of which I have read their blogs for many months now--knitter's present at the wonderful gathering: bloggers: Mim, Kim, TinaMargene, Eliza, Susan, Laurie, Katherine, Bonnie, Teri and non-bloggers Julie, Heather, Jessamin, and Karen.  A gathering of knitted socks was a must!  Of course cameras came out to record the moment in history!

(Photo Caption: Kim and Me!)


The Gathering of Socks!

The gorgeousDsc04801 Mim when trying to take a picture of me and Kim at SnB.

We miss you Kim...come back to Utah after law school, I need my free lawyer near me!

It was an amazing girls date night out!

I am such a doofus!

Saxony Leave it to me to mess up the simplest chart! Ah!!! I finally took courage to try out to knit something that contained only a chart, and guess what! Yeah, I messed it all up. I am knitting these gorgeous, Saxony Socks by Lisa Lloyd, and they are not hard, really, they are not.  They are written out with perfect instructions, the perfect chart. It is the driver of the needles that has problems. I just don't know where I went wrong. Actually, I do know, I skipped a very important part: clearly written, it says to P2, before and after the chart, and big Dumbo Mama forgot to P2 before and after!

Saxony2 Now, the big question, should I frog it and start all over, or should I just make the other one to match this one. Executive decisions must be made within a day! Does it bother me enough that I need to frog it? Would anybody else notice the huge mistake besides myself. I know that those in my house won't notice, I think the only way they would notice that something is amiss is if I were a pink sock and a black sock.

Besides that silly mistake, my first knitting from a chart is going fairly well. I feel confident and I have to admit that it is easier to knit from a chart than from written directions. Yep, it took me almost one entire year to realize it and to admit it.

I can now say very proudly that I can read instructions from a chart. A whole new world has opened up. I have the golden key and it will open doors that hold the most wonderful treasures within! Wait, somebody pinch me, I was dreaming while typing--first, I have to learn to read the ENTIRE instructions! heheheh

Back later with the conclusion of to Frog or Not To Frog! I shall go and sleep on it, then I will wake to make the executive decision. 

Pretty in Pinks


PinkwithnyahTwo years ago if you had stopped me in the street and told me that my Pinksocks favorite color was pink, I would have laughed and turned my back on you. Then, wondergirl was born and pinks filled my life. I never realized the freshness, the sweetness that the color pink has in it. When I wear pink, I feel as if spring has finally arrived.

When looking at yarns, I now tend to pick pinks, reds, and purples, when once, I used to pick grays, blacks, and burgundys. In a sense, wondergirl brought with her more than just her light and freshness, she brought me the gift to see a new side of the color wheel.

Dsc04782_1When I saw Project Spectrum's first colors: pinks and reds. I had to join! It is my color now, I couldn't pass it up.

My first Pink Project Spectrum: A pair of socks! Yippee! I have added another pair of handknit socks to the drawer. Count: 4 pairs of handknit socks. My goal: to have at least 7 pairs by the end of the year.

I casted for the Pretty Pink Socks on Thursday and finished them this afternoon. They are a bit in the poolly side of the spectrum, but I love the color. It has pinks of all shades with purples.


Next on the needles: something red! Stick around to see what the something red project will be.

PS: Don't forget the fun contest! 1000th comment almost there!

Spin me into gold....


Medalwebsmall_1 I truly feel like an athlete. I did it! The goal was accomplished on Thursday! Things I learned during the process:

  1. My children notice the items I knit. If I tell them that the item I am knitting is going to go to little Dsc04687_1 children in need-especially, if I tell them that the little children have no Mommy and Daddy, and definitely no toys.
  2. Trust your instinct and knit something you enjoy--even if what you enjoy is cables. See the cute little cables hat I designed (Miriam--I bet you are proud of me, almost a year after I learned to knit, I am on the go designing my own little hats!)
  3. Even though the children in No.1 enjoy me knitting items, they get tired of posing for the Dsc04688 pictures.
  4. Must buy a child size head for picture posing so children in No.1 don't kick me in the shins
  5. Learned how to make horizontal stripes that don't go up one row! Yippee, Dlandra, you see, I got off my lazy butt and looked for the instructions on how to do it, hehehe.
  6. I *love* knitting items for others that are in need of themDsc04689
  7. Must get a 16" length needles to make my hat making a bit easier

I loved knitting these items for the Dulaan Project. I would do it again-gold medal involved or no gold medal involved. The feeling of accomplishment has been great.

My great feeling of accomplishment was topped off with this :

Dsc04699_1 My wheel and I were in the local newspaper on a article featuring Dsc04700 Spinning Wheels! I am so psyched! I am almost famous. Dlandra's picture is also there, but I will let her show that one on her blog.

I feel like a celebrity, almost everyone at church stopped me to tell me that they saw my picture in the paper....I felt sooo shy, (rosy cheeks).

Valentine Mittens


Various stories of how the day originated float around in the world. In my mind, it is that day when the hubby better get me something when you make a little extra effort to let people know that they are special in your eyes. As the days pass, we become accustomed to being with our loved ones and at times, we may even take them for granted. Just sit for a minute or two and imagine how your life would be without them. Now, look at your loved ones and you will see them with a whole new light.

My valentine mittens are for a little one whom I do not know, but I hope that he or she may feel the love I felt while making them. My children tried them on and one of them really wanted to keep them even if they were a bit too small. But once I told him whom the mittens were going to go to, he relinquished them immediately. The mittens bring me to item number 4 (or should it be 5?) for my Olympic Challenge--4/5 down, 12 or 11 to go!

Roses_4 May you have a wonderful day :)

Olympics: Day 2

Dulaanhat So far, so good. I am keeping a steady pace. An item a day, not too shabby. But, it wouldn't be a challenge without some difficulties to overcome along the way. Difficulties confronting this Olympiad:

1. B just got sick, which means my knitting time is becoming limited. He is really "needy" when he get sick. Likes to be cuddled and be held all the time. He likes to have someone with him while he watches tv. Poor little muppet, hope he gets well soon.

Hurtfoot_1 2. I hurt myfoot yesterday while out on a date with hubby. We were dancing awayWewon merrily and somehow, between a waltz and a polka, I twisted my left foot in the wrong direction. My ankle is really sore and the entire left side is swollen. I can barely walk now, but that didn't stop me from dancing the night away. If there is music, I must dance, dance, dance till I drop!

Luckily, we were able to enter a little swing competition before I hurt my foot. Came home as the lucky winners--our prize: some twisty pencils which B just loves. 

Back to the knitting news, the Dulaan hat was completed yesterday--on day 2. After looking around for patterns that would work with the yarn I have, I just ended making up my own pattern. It is a simple hat, and it works up really fast on size 6.5mm needles.

Simply Soft Cashmerino Dulaan Hat


  • 1 skein of Cashmerino Chunky by Debbie Bliss
  • Needles: dpns size 10.5 US (6.5mm)

Size: Fits a head circumference of 19.5"

CO: 56 stitches. Divide evenly on 4 dpns. Join being careful not to twist the stitches. Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

Round 1: *K2, P2. Repeat from * to the end of round.

Repeat Round 1 until item measures 1.5" from CO edge.

Change to stockinette stitch. Knit in Stockinette stitch until item measures 6" from CO edge.

Begin crown decreases as follows:

*K6, K2tog*. Repeat from * to * the end of round. (49 stitches left)

Next round: Knit.

*K5, K2tog. Repeat from * to * the end of round. (42 sts left)

Next round: Knit.

*K4, K2tog.* Repeat from * to * the end of round. (35 sts left)

Next round: Knit.

*K3, K2tog*. Repeat from * to* the end of round. (28 sts left)

Next roudn: Knit

*K2tog*. Repeat from * to* the end of round. (14 sts left)

Next round: Knit

*K2tog* Repeat from * to * to the end of round. (7 sts left)

Cut yarn leaving a 5" tail. Thread yarn end through a large eye tapestry needle. Thread the needle through the reaming 7 stitches. Pull on the thread "to gather" the stitches close. Poke the needle through the center to bring the yarn towards the inside of the hat. Weave in the yarn tail ends.

I have only done the one, but I am planning on making more as I have a couple of skeins of this yarn in the stash. As I make the next one, I will revise the pattern and write the exact numbers left after each decrease. If you make it, let me know pleasseee :).

**Edit** I made a second hat this evening and have posted the exact numbers left after each decrease round. The pattern is also available for download on the left side bar.

Olympic Warm Ups

Dsc04518_1 1 Dulaan item done, 15 to go! I used handspun yarn, it is not perfect by any means, but I thought it would make a nice toasty hat. I used the Zud hat pattern provided by Ryan from Mossy Cottage Knits. The hat in the pattern picture looks way better than mine but I attribute mine's wonky look to my handspun yarn.

In the meantime, I am googling for more patterns to knit for the Dulaan project. I will be making some loom knitted and as soon as I have a pattern or two done, I will load them up for those whom may need them.

Wishing you the best in your Olympic endevours!

Odessa KAL right here! The perfect Spring Hat


***Edit*** Odessa KAL has moved to its own bloggy. Sign up and I'll add you to the member's list, then you can post your progress/updates/troubles/questions.

Thanks bunches :).


Have you seen the latest issue of MagKnits? If you haven't, go check it out. Grumperina's Odessa awesome hat is one that I am going to put at the top of my list. I have the yarn, I am only missing the beads, but not for long...I have just enough time before the knitting olympics start. The hat just takes hats to a whole new level, easy enough, but the beads the right touch of challenge. Simply Genius!

Odessa The pattern is superb, the yarn is one of the softest ones that I have had the privilage to touch, so I have decided to hold an Odessa KAL. But that is not everything, to celebrate my first blogaversary which is coming right up in a month or so, I am going to give a prize to 3 participants.


1. Make at least one Odessa Hat before April 5th

2. No deadlines for the KAL but

3. On April 28th, my blogaversary day, I will draw 3 random names and give prizes. Prize: Gift Certificate to KPixie in the amount of $10.00.

Are you game? Leave me a comment and let's get started. Also, I know there are some graphic geniuses out there, if you would be so kind as to help me make a button. I would like something that swirls like the top of the Odessa Hat.


***Edit*** Participants can be found on the right side column.