Blue Seventy Helix WetSuit aka Dream WetSuit

In my dream, the swim portion was the last part of the triathlon. I had already ran, biked and I was onto the last portion, the swim. I felt confident that I could do it, not fast but I could definitely finish it. Then, I looked in my gear bag and I couldn't find my wetsuit. I ran to the car trying to find it and nothing. I looked around thinking that I was going to get a DNF just because I didn't have my wetsuit. I thought maybe I can borrow someone else's if they are already done, but who would lend me their wetsuit. Would it fit me? Would I drown if I went without one? I had this dream often after signing up for Boise 70.3. I knew I was having a panic attack due to the fact that I didn't own a wetsuit. I grew up in the ocean and I know how to swim more or less in open water but I have not done it in awhile (25+ years) and never in cold temperatures. I knew that I needed a good wetsuit, one of the best ones in the market to offset my crappy/sloppy swimming technique.

The answer to my nightmarish dream was to find a good wetsuit. I read the reviews of different ones and to be truthful I read what the pro triathletes were wearing and it came down to one: Blue Seventy Helix!  I thought that if I had IT that it would give me the confidence to get into that cold water and swim like a PRO, it felt to me like the feather felt to little Dumbo.

Knowing full well that the Helix was the one I wanted, I dropped the folks at Blue Seventy an email and talked to them about my passion for fitness and my desire to climb the next step in the triathlon world-doing a Half IronMan.  The email may have included something about the fact that I was part of the couch-potato-anonymous group and I was now trying to reform myself. They helped me with sizing, according to my weight and height and gave me recommendations. They were super helpful and helped me out tremendously to get my "dream wetsuit".

When it got home, I took it out and tried it on. My children said that I looked like a superhero! I felt like a superhero, a hot one at that! I liked the feel too! It is the closest that I will ever get to an all "black" tight outfit here in mormonville Utah--think Black-Leather-skin-tight except rubber--nice looking seal for sure! Hey, I think I looked hot...perhaps I should wear it tonight....anyways, back to the review. I could move my arms, my neck, my legs. It didn't rub the wrong way in any place.  So far so good. I put it in the closet for a month as I wasn't ready to try it out in the pool--chlorine is not good for a wetsuit so I was waiting for the first opportunity to take it out in the open water.

First time in open water with my dream suit and I was in heaven! After squeezing myself into it, the hard part was just zipping it but I found many people willing to help me zip down.  One of the aspects that put the Helix at the top of the list next to the superb insulation was its zipper: to close it, you zip the zipper down and to open you zip it up--it makes taking it off quite easy!

A couple of tips here:

1. use a grocery bag to put the legs and even arms into the wetsuit. Simply put a bag on your foot, then slide it inside the leg of the wetsuit. Do the same with the arms.

2. When putting the arms in, be sure you put it all the way up on your shoulder if not water will leak in through the wrists  or move the wrst section up a bit so you have a snug fit around the wrist.

3. Be sure you close the velcro tab properly at the back of the neck, if not it would rub against your neck and it will cause a nice and painful owie.

The actual swimming: I found out quickly that I could float without any effort. Actually, all I need it to do was push my feet down and I could stand vertically without any effort at all. Swimming was a breeze--my arms didn't feel constricted at all. I had read from other wetsuit wearers that they felt constricted when reaching but I had full arm movement. If I had to I could do the backstroke or even the butterfly (If I knew how to do it). The material in the arm area is a little thinner and I think it is what allows me the mobility needed for the freestyle stroke.

Neckline: when you are out of the water, it may feel a little tight but once you get into the water it feels just right. Please see tip above for the velcro strap at the back--go ahead go back and read it if you skimmed through it, it is an important one.

Warmth: the sucker has terrific insulation! If I ever have an emergency situation in the winter, I think I will wear it to keep me warm. Maybe I should get one for my Mom for when she comes to visit, she is always cold. Going back to my first swim, it was in water about 55 degrees (if not a little less) and I was nice and toasty. Be prepared if this is your first time wearing a wetsuit, water still goes in through the zipper area so your back will get the shock of the cold water for just a minute.  I wasn't prepared for this so it was quite a shock when I felt the water hit my skin. Still too cold for you? warm up a bit by pouring some warm water down the neckline of your suit, it will keep you warm. I heard stories of some people just peeing in their suit once they get in the water, I am not one of those--I like to keep my pee in the toilet whenever possible thank you very much, hehehe, especially if I am going to be cycling and then running afterwards, last thing I need is the stink of my pee all around me next to my sweat stench. But, I guess if it means winning 1st place then I may consider it but in my case of coming last doesn't really justify a pee in the dream wetsuit.

Final thoughts on my wetsuit: it truly is a dream wetsuit. It fits my needs perfectly and it performs above any expectations I ever had for a wetsuit. Plus, it looks freaking cool with that Helix sign going down the leg. I can't help but think that I am one very lucky person to have such an awesome wetsuit, wearing it down the boardwalk of that Boise 70.3 made me feel like a PRO. Thanks Blue Seventy for making such an awesome wetsuit! I give it 5 stars!!!

Here I am, wearing it during the Spudman Tri...I love that it even allows my puny little bicep to show ;)

Sable Goggles Report


Awhile ago, I mentioned that I got a new pair of goggles. I usually get a new pair at the beginning of every season, not because I want to but because my kids usually grab them and either misplace them or break them. This pair though was special, I wanted something that had a higher profile so that my eyelashes wouldn't hit the plastic. Also, I had read various reports that these goggles wouldn't leak, sucker that I am, I decided to give them a try--despite their price tag. 


They arrived in a beautiful case and they were a breeze to adjust to fit me. The pink mirror lenses really captivated me but the true test was getting in the water. 


I have had these goggles now since March and I have swam with them every single time since then. My report:

Sable Goggles 101MT in the pink style (of course)

Crystal clear vision. The water just drips off of them allowing you to see nice and clearly.

Leakage--not once! Yep, since March, they have leaked 0 times!

Fogging: they have fogged up once, when I was swimming open water in about 56 degree water. They have not fogged while swimming at the pool. During Boise, I knew the water was cold so I treated them with solution to prevent them from fogging up--it worked!

Comfort: Gaskets around the eyes are very comfortable and they do not leave my eyes with two big "rounds" after a swim session. Also, my eyelashes do not touch the lenses--huge bonus!

Would I buy them again? YES! If I could afford to get an extra pair to have just for races, I would get it right now.

Would I recommend them? Definitely! 

Are they worth the price? In my opinion, they are. I have had to replace goggles just because they keep fogging up or because they leak. I don't see me replacing my Sables anytime soon--especially if I care for them well.

Where can you find them? That is the tricky part, you can't find them anywhere locally really. The only sources I found were online. I bought mine from their shipping was prompt, within a week after placing my order I had my goggles.

Bottom line: no leakage and I don't feel like I am suctioning my eyes out just to keep the water out and have a good fit. The fit is nice and comfortable and without leakage. I like the pink in them too but that is just a bonus.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product. No company has paid me to review it. The views of this product are my own sincere thoughts of the product.

Another Sports Bra Review

It is that time of the year when I have to replace some of my old sports bras with some new ones for the racing season ahead. I recently got two different ones and being a true fan of Moving Comfort that is the brand that I went with. Each time I buy online, it is a new experience and I am always eager for my UPS guy to arrive so I can try my new items.

Alexis Alexis bra:

First impression: As I took it out of the bag, I like the molded cups. Molded cups translates into some modesty, especially in cold mornings or when the sweat starts dripping. I mean, you are out there running, not running a wet t-shirt contest.

At work: I took it for a 2hour test drive. Test drive consisted of high impact, sweat dripping, drop dead work out. Alexis responded quite well. The support was there all the time. The fabric is breathable, I thought it wouldn't be because of the molded cups but I was wrong.

I loved the thin straps, they are barely noticeable, they don't dig in on your shoulders. They allow free range of movement.

I did find two things that I did not like 100%: It is a bit difficult putting it on and taking it off. Really, really hard taking it off, especially when wet. I do recommend that once you have it on, you bend down and arrange things around a bit so everything is where it is supposed to be.

The other thing I didn't like: the fabric at the back is stiff, really stiff, I am hoping that after a few washes it softens up a bit. Having said that, I did not get chaffed after my 2 hour trial. 

Next up: the one I returned.MCL323-BK

Juno Bra by Moving Comfort

Pros: Light padding for no-show. Great support!!! No bouncing at all.

Not very thrilled about: the wide straps.

Edit: After wearing it for about 10 runs, I have found the straps quite comfortable. They are wide and they show if you wear some tank tops but they are comfortable.

Con: the closure at the back. It has an interesting design where it is a race-back, then it has a closure just like a regular bra. Well, the closure isa pain, it took me about 4 minutes to get it close. 

BTW: My new computer arrived :)! I am so happy!!!

Bounce Free

Maybe that should read Bounceless...but apparently Bounceless is not a word, hmm! Today, I want to talk about a very important subject to all gals out there, be it a cup size A or a DDD. We all want to run around, jump around, and not get a black eye in the process.

The other day, I was in spin class and I don't know how or why but my sport bra was not cutting it. Each time I pedaled, I just felt everything just bouncing up and down. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful they are bouncing up and down but there is a place and a moment for everything and this is definitely not the place nor the moment when you want to have your wares bouncing free. Wardrobe malfunction is the worst, especially when you are trying to get a good workout. You could run or bike or jump holding them in place with your hands but it is really not so enjoyable nor safe, especially if cycling outdoors. 

The culprit sports bra from that evening has left the building. I am one of those who loves to shop so I am quite good at replacing my sports bras every six months. I wear them a lot, when you exercise 2-3 times a day, that means 2 or 3 sports bras a day, if you only have 3, that means you wash them every day. Total, that may mean 5 washes a week per sports bra and about 120 washes in its lifetime. With these numbers, I have come to realize that I need sports bras that I can count on. Sports Bras that will support, not chaffe, and most of all protect the girls from the bouncing.

In my search for the perfect sports bra, I have found the following reliable products and brands: Moving Comfort and Champion.

Moving Comfort, my favorite brand, hands down.  As a runner with C cups, I need something that will hold and support not only for 30 minutes but for the entire 3 hours that I may be out there running. Some sports bras once they get wet with sweat, they get soggy and they don't support anymore. Moving Comfort bras are not like that, they are breathable (don't get me wrong, the bra will still get wet, soaking wet if you are a heavy sweater) but the fabric will hold its form under the wetness. Not only do they have the most support but they also provide with two different types of support: encapsulation or compression. Encapsulation allows each breast to have its own cup, rather than one piece of fabric for both. It provides a more natural, sexier look. Compression, well, it is the opposite of Encapsulation, you end up with the uni-boob look. My favorite styles in the Moving Comfort line:

Fiona--I wore this style when I was a DD and it saw me through those days, now that I am a C, I still love its support and it is my number 1 sports bra. What I love about this bra: the eye closure at the back! Love it. When I am soaking wet with sweat pulling the bra over my head gets a bit tricky, not with this one, I can just reach back and take it off easier. Also, when you are putting it on, you can just bend down and close it at the back allowing your breasts to sit comfortably and more naturally in the cups. Another wonderful feature: the straps are adjustable, not from the back like most bras, but from the front! I highly recommend this sports bra to all my friends. It is the most reliable sports bra I have found in the past 3 years. It works great from running to cycling to even Turbo Kick. Also, I have found not to chaffe at all when wearing this bra. However, when using it during races, I always put a bit of glide around the band and the shoulder straps, just in case.


Cameo--The support in this style is compared to the Fiona style I mentioned before, so it is also my second favorite sports bra. Once I lost the weight and I was able to fit into C cups, I relied on the Cameo style sports bra. I love the encapsulation feature and the sleek lines, give me a more flattering look. While I wear it to all my weight lifting activities: Body Pump and weight lifting days, I try not to wear it when I know that I am going to sweat buckets as I have a hard time pulling things over my head and this one doesn't have a back closure, so if I am soaked from head to toe, I need to have hubby help me get out of it. A feature that I love and the reason why I wear it for weight lifting, the racer back style. The racer back style allows me with free movement of my lats when lifting weights, no rubbing of material, no chaffing.


The third bra on my list is the Champion Seamless bra. I love the seamless feature of this bra. It is soft against the skin and the no seam itching or bothering is wonderful. I wear this bra interchangeably between my short runs and my weight lifting days. I wore it a couple of times on my long runs and I found that the support diminished after my sweat got the fabric soaked. However, not all my training days have long hours of cardio, so it is a great sports bra to have around for daily activities. 

BTW: Champion website seems to be having a sale right now, a lot of their sports bras are $19.99. 

Your turn: What sports bras have you found that you like for your activities?


Disclaimer: The review is a personal review of these products. No company or individual has provided me with products to review them, nor was I compensated in any form to review these products. They are solely my opinion as a consumer and as you know, we are all different and we prefer/like different things.