Pompomsocks_copyThe boxes were packed and sealed. The labels were done. The boxes shipped. Now, all I have to do is wait and see if they liked everything that I sent. What is it? It is a publication...nothing big, a 30+ page booklet that hopefully is to the liking of the publisher. More about that later, when I am given the green light.

Warning: HP Spoilers coming....

But that is not the only thing that I finished! Nope, nope, like many other HP fans, I read the latest and final installment in the HP saga. I cried, laughed and rejoiced with the characters in the book. It is a bit sad to come to the end of saga, sad knowing that there won't be another to fulfill my craving for "what next", but all good things must come to an end (so I have always heard). My take on the book: I enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy some of the deaths, I thought they were unnecessary and some of them even a waste.

The saddest point in the book for me: when little Dobby cried. He was so protective of Harry and such a wonderful little character, his comic relief brought great moments to the books, when the book was at its darkest there came Dobby lightening the mood. He will be remember at this house the free, sock-loving elf. Another sad point and one for which I am not very happy and even called the author a few names...Fred. Fred....words fail me to describe how I felt/feel about it. It was unnecessary to have his character gone (at least in my eyes), he is a half of a whole. Your mirth will be missed.

The most unrelated moment and one that brought a smile: the snogging with Ron and Hermione. I knew all along they were going to end up together ;). Sucker for happy endings.

Unpredictable character: I have to say it is our most beloved Snape. Gosh but he was a deep character.Pompomsocksonme_edited1  Twisted, dark, and a good spot in his heart. He loved and he died loving that same person. His character is worth studying more in depth (a second re-read of all the books is definitely in the future). 

The twist at the end of the book: fantastic! The treachery, the revealed purpose, made the whole series flash in my mind. Definitely a great move.

Epilogue: we could have done without it. It felt rushed and definitely left me saying: who are all these characters. My mind wanted to know more about them. I didn't mind the happy ending for Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron as they all deserved one for all their hard work, but the author could have put a little more information in there about their later life. Many unanswered questions in this section.

Overall: a great read! Did you read the book? What were your thoughts on it?

Pictures: Pom Pom socks I knitted for KnitPicks. The pattern comes from the book Easy Knitted Socks. The socks are very cute--love the pom pom on the back. They remind me of socks I wore in Mexico :). My childhood socks had blue and pink hems with corresponding color of pom poms. A cute project, fast too.

PS: now that my work is completed, blogging will return to its normal 3 posts per week :)