Avast! A Pirate Saturday Sky Me Hearties

Ahoy! This scurvy pirate knows that she slept the Pirate Talk Day--I reckon this wench must have had a bit too much grog the night before and it slipped her mind. To compensate for the terrible deed, she  brings you a picture of her latest Pirate drab...check it!!

Keepit This wench luvs the shirt--although some scurvy pirates around the ship are planning mutiny against it...they claim, it makes this wench look "evvvvil" and it must walk the plank. I say nay! Shirt stays as it makes this wench feel like a *fine* buxom beauty.

What say ye my Needle Pirates....should it walk the plank?

I shall bid you a pleasant day and leave you with a view of our Saturday Sky--the snow smarlty melted away for us lubbers--except at the very tip of the mountain where you can still see the white fluff.




Sky at 8pm, on our last Saturday in July. By far, it is one of my favorite Saturday Sky pictures that I have taken--for some reason, it gives me a sense of hope.

Designing I have spent the best part of the day designing a fair isle stitch pattern for a hat--every time I thought I had something, I faced a wall--a set amount of pegs that I needed to meet. After several hours, I came up with the exact stitch count that would work with the knitting loom in mind....what do you think?


You see that pink something--it is a little sneak peek into a huge project that my friend Dlandra helped me knit. She did such a wonderful job! Thanks for having my back! Love ya Sista!!

Anothersleepingbeauty And lastly, I wanted to share a picture from my other little one--he fell asleep thinking--I have named the picture--the Thinker, hehehehe...original :). The little stuff dragon is his favorite--his name is Scorchy and I brought him with me when I moved from NY--it has been B's nite, nite "protector" since he was about 1 year old.

Sky2 One last picture of our Saturday evening sky.

I spy


Another beautiful Saturday in this side of the world.

During the past week, I have been converting some needle knit dishcloth patterns onto chart form. The charts have been a great hit and a few friends have been asking me about the knitting font I use...but I won't tell...it is my secret, my secret. HAHAHAHA! Ok, it is not a secret, it is actually a well known website through out the blog-sphere. 

A few months ago after searching low and high for a way to create nice looking charts for some of my loom knitted patterns, I came across a terrific website, Aire River Design, they provide a free knitting font for personal use and for self-publishers. It is very simple to use. Just download the font onto your pc, install it and you are set. You can use the font on any of your computer programs and create professional looking charts.

I use mine in Word. I simply insert a table with the number of columns (for stitches) and with the number of rows necessary. Then I just insert the symbol needed into each cell. That's it! Really neat and easy!

There now, you know my secret to my pretty charts. There are other free knitting fonts out there, but I have not had the chance to try them.

Now...for the things I spy on my beautiful Saturday--what do you Spy?

Saturday Sky

Dsc00873 Saturdaysky

Saturday Skies

The forecast: Sunny Day! A little hot and very dry.

My garden is still in full bloom. I now have  orange Lilies as well as deep red ones (I have assumed that they look like lilies). I also have a lot of weeds...yucky! I guess it comes with the territory. I also seem to have a colony of little ants as the other day Little Nyah came inside the house screaming "buggy, buggy" and she was covered from head to toe with little black ants...agh. The garden is a new territory to me and I have no idea what to do.

I am off today to Idaho for a family thing...I have the name of a yarn shop up there, crossing fingers that I get there before it closes.

The new magknits is up...me loves the Ballet Camisole!