Spinning & Designing...whoa!!

I am giving spinning a try...peer pressure, peer pressure is to blame! Last Thursday, at Nite in Knots, Tina and Rita organized a mini-spinning lesson. They had drop spindles and roving for everyone, and almost everyone there gave it a try. Of course, I had to try it out too :). Tina invented some very handy drop spindles with directions on which way to spin it for the different twists.

YtspinnerThat spindle (on the right) had some yarn on it, but I left it on the couch unattended and Bryant decided to spin it for me and well, it is gone, gone with the spin of a boy.

It's ok, I had this other one in the closet and I took it out for a whirl. 

Spinning2I also have a few ounces of some roving that for the life of me, don't know what it is, but it spins nicely-it feels like it has some type of "something" that makes my fingers feel nice and soft. What it is? No idea.

So far though, I think I don't know if I like the bottom whorl, I think I prefer the little discus thingy to be at the top. So I order these from eBay.

Princessandpea"Beautiful drop spindle, named The Princess and the Pea, which is made up of our Sleeping Beauty spindle (1.4 ounces) and our Briar Rose (0.4 ounce) Featherweight Spindle.  These spindles have a Top Whorl (High Whorl) with a Copper Swan Cup Hook."

Are they any good? No idea, they look pretty in the pictures. They should arrive here by Thursday for our next Nite in Knots.

Besides trying to create my own yarn...goodness, everyone knows I don't need to as my closet is still full of all the ones I have bought. So, I decided to reduce the stash to make a scarf for my brother's birthday that is in two weeks :). He will be 10 years old this year. He is a classy boy, lives in NY, and likes to dress in a classy kinda way. So, I decided to make him something special...my first scarf design:

Cablesscarf It is similar to the Simple Cable Scarf I created for the loom, except this one is on needles. 2 cables (C6F) I think that is the way to write it and some ribbing in the center of the cables. Yarn: lovely, wonderful Chunky Misti Alpaca. I love this yarn, the softness, the warmth, and it makes really nice cables.

I also started another Branching Out, not  much work on it yet, but iBranchingout_1t is coming along. I made a mistake, but I couldn't find it, so I just "fixed it" by increasing a stitch where I was missing it.

Rainyday2Lastly, Fall has arrived, and although this picture was taken at 8am, it looks more like 6am. Yep, it is raining in this little part of the world. One more month of "moderate" temperatures and then we will be receiving the best "powder on earth". Maybe (crossing fingers) I could learn how to snowboard this year. Tried it once and I loved it, although I spent the whole day on my bum.

Pssst....my birthday is this month....guess why I think my B-day is so cool. I don't have a prize, but if you guess, I will be very surprised :). Dlandra, no telling ;).

OH...and comment #350 is almost here...so keep on commenting :).