Till I Collapse

There is something in this world that I love and sends me into fright mode immediately-TRIATHLON. It is challenging. I love it. It tries every ounce of will in me. Open water swims are frightful, it is like a bunch of sharks are out there ready to swim over ya, the bike portion is seriously the worst part for me, I shake during the entire time, just thinking that I will crash and bleed to death on the road, the run it is the easy part, unless I kill my legs during the bike portion. BUT there is still nothing else that I love more. It is raw. It is pure mental power. The will to survive. The will to get to the end and cross that finish line, even if its just with your fingertips. Triathlon--pure love of testing your body.

This video portrays it and pumps me up! I want to do a full Ironman but before I must conquer a half one. I did do a half one before but I didn't conquer it, it conquered me and that is not the way things should be, not in my book!