Wordless Wednesday--WTH?


Ok, I can't go without saying something about this...Have you seen this item at the local marketplace? I haven't seen it around here yet.

What is it? They are peanut butter slices--think American cheese slices, except peanut butter instead of cheese.

It is a bit interesting...will have to see if I can get a packet to try them out. Wonderboy loves to make us PB&J sandwiches for lunch (he likes to make me dinner ;) ), it would make his job a little easier and less cleaning afterwards (always a big plus around here). Only one problem though, we like our PB chunky/crunchy...wonder if they have the slices in chunky/crunchy style. Interesting new product for sure, I would have never thought about it--I mean, it is not rocket science spreading PB on a piece of bread but this makes the process a bit easier. But there is no spoon-licking satisfaction at the end. We'll have to see...can't rule it out, have to try it first ;).

Would you try PB slices?
Yeah, give them a shot
Nah, I like to spread my PB