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April 27, 2010


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I added one or two to the list you asked me to put here. Would like definitions for slip stitch, pass slipped stitch over, back cross, buttonhole, chunky braid stitch, cross left, cross right, double stitch, half stitch, yarn over. Thanks for all you do!!!

Thanks, Isela for the great list! One question, when you say "knit" am I always to assume (unless you specify otherwise) that you mean the flat knit stitch and not the ewrap?

Just one more question - When knitting a flat panel either in garter stitch or stockinette, do you usually slip the first stitch of each row? If a pattern doesn't specify, am I usually safe in slipping the first stitch? I like the way the edge looks when you slip the first stitch.


Link to standard stitches is valuable.

How do I tell the differnce between the knit or purl stitches when I resume my work? I am trying to make the prayer shawl pattern which came with my loom. How will I remember if I need to knit or purl? Please Help :)

Could you please explain what yo (yarn over) means? Where does the yarn go over? I understand k2tog but the yo I do not understand. This instruction is in your book "Loom Knitting" on page 66 in the pattern for the Cascading Shawl by Stacey Sobiesiak. As you can tell, I am not very experienced! I have recently started loom knitting as a displacement activity to help me stop smoking. So far it is working! 15 weeks with no cigarettes!

make a knit stich and look at it the yarn is in back of the peg.

make a purl stich and look at it the yarn is on the side of the peg.

Hope it helps


This helps me a lot thanks, I was looking for these definitions!

Very helpful information- thank you!

Do you have a knifty knitter pattern for the slouchie hat?

Isela, What is the difference between Wonder Sock Loom and Wonder Sock Loom II? Thanks


I just got the knifty knitter looms for Christmas and am enjoying them. i also got your Primer book. It explains a lot but I still have a few question. They are about the mock cable poncho pattern.
#1 What does loom with a peg number mulitple of 8 + 2 mean?

#2 I want to make the adult size med. and saw the conversion chart in back. How do I make a wide enough panel (I get how to make it longer)? It seems for the child size 8 you have to cast on 36 stitches. Is my biggest loom even big enough (yellow with 41 pegs)

#3 I see on the Garter stitch Scarf that you say cast on 12 (40) stitches. What does this mean? I thought you would cast on 12 stitches but what does the 40 mean?



You have been so inspirational to me in my looming journey. I have learned so much from your video tutorials and continue to loom away. lisa

What a perfect patters this is what I need in order to develop my skills, I live doing it so I don't know to apply some specific techniques, I know It's gonna be really useful for me and my purposes because I know I can take advantage of it.

Gteat tricks and tips about stiching, i was confused while stiching my clothes and i realize how to stich thanku Isela thanku very much...:)

Wow really very nice one post here....!

I just LOVE your tutorials! You've made looming using different stitches so easy to understand. Thank you Isela,for your web site, sharing your talents and keeping it free is quite an inspiration to we, who share your love for looming.
Shine on!

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