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January 21, 2012


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HI Iselle You look so different here! I am glad you made such a star in Loom Knitting. Loom Knitting hasd been aroiuhd foa a long time but not one had your insighte to make it as well known as you have . Thank You I know you have been on loom kniting groups and give great advice I need to get back to my loom knitting, I saw you on Knit and Crochet Today and you gave excellent facts on Lomm Knitting and on how you started. It was known as Broom Knitting when I was a girl and only countyr folks knoew about ti and did not really share knowledge of it. I got the looms as soon as they came out soem years ago and am now teaching my grnaduaghters how to use them. enjoy your successes and keep being as nice and humble and helpful as I have know you to be .
Bexaida, de Ladybex

Sorry it went to post befoire I could clean yup my many typos --opps! deLadYBex

Such a wonderful idea and lovely scarf. Thanks

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