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December 08, 2016


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I am new to knitting. Have only done scarfs... do you have a video? It would really help. Thank you!!!

Can you use round loom to make this?

I love this pattern. I do believe this was one of the best hats that I have made. Thank you!!

Can you just knit this with these directions??

I only have knifty knitter looms, would they work with this pattern?

Yes, you can use any of your knitting looms. The length of the hat needs to be about 7-7.5 inches.

Yep, follow these directions and it will work.

Nancy, thank you.

Karina, the video has been posted.

I was also wondering if you could just knit this pattern. Amy idea what size circular needle.

How can I modify this for a toddler?

How do you finish the basic bind off. I am to my last peg and don't know how to end it.

What size knitting needle would be used if I want to knit it vs loom knit it?

Nancy, if you scroll up to the newer posts, I have posted a needle knit version.

You finish off as you regularly would with the basic bind off method. On your last peg, cut the working yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail, ewrap the peg that has the last loop, lift the bottommost loop up and off the peg, pull the working yarn through the loop. Tighten it. Now, join the last stitch to the first stitch with the tail as you weave in the end of the yarn tail.

My daughter has a loom but the piece she uses to pull the stitch over has broken and I dont know wheat it is called or where to buy another one. She used what looked like a small ice pick but it bent up at the end. It didnt come with the loom. It was just easier for her to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can email me if you like at: [email protected] Thanks

I don't see this pattern using needles instead of a loom. What size of needles would it use for this? Can you post the needle pattern again? This hat looks lovely!

Hi Isla, I think you didn't included the link with the knit version. Could you please post it again? Thanks so much.

Margaret, I am going to try this using a 10US and casting on 56

Margaret and Crhistine, the link is there. I just clicked on it and it took me to the file on Ravelry. Click on "Ravelry" and it will take you to the pattern. The pattern is PDF and it is in Ravelry.

Margaret and Christine, I just realized that you guys are on the loom knit version. Go to loomknit.com and it will be last post on the blog. The needle knit version hat is yellow. If you are viewing the blog and the pattern is a gray hat, that is the loom version.

Thanks Isela and Christine,
I found it on Ravelry as per your reply. Love this pattern, thanks again!

Aha! There it is. Thank you!

Hello, Would I be able to knit this on straight needles. Thanks so much

Confuse . I understand all the rounds . Until rep rnd 15-22.

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