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Thanks for sharing your passion for loom knitting.I have in Puerto Rico a group of 12 young at heart ladies that are hooked with looms.I learn your stitches and then teach them every thursday new things.I will start a youngsters group on summer.Please,do'nt stop running and do'nt stop looming and sharing with us every week.

I saw your videos. Thank you so much for posting them. They're very helpful especially for beginners like me. I have one question, though, can I use your stitches on the vertical loom? I noticed that you used the circular on your videos. Can I do a garter stitch using the vertical?


I am a begener i have the purple knifty knitter board loom does any one have a pattern for this one and woled like to know if any one coled make a afghan on any of the long loom's or rouend ones thanke's for any help

Hi Isela
I saw a codoun code for your site but now can't find it can you please send it to me
please and thanks

The code is BOSTONBOUND! Thanks!

Hi Isela

I am from Australia and just love following your tutorials and videos for loom knitting. I haven't been able to find a video on 3 stitch i-cord and I can't seem to follow the written tutorial you have on it. Could you please do a video for this? It would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to do a hat with flaps and I want to start off with the i-cords first then expand on them to make the hat. Thanks once again.

Hi ...I am new to looming and have fallen in love with your pink and white baby hat done in velvetspun chenille on pg 92 of your Primer. The pink yarn seems to be discontinued, but i finally found one skein online.
Before I start and waste it LOL ... I am confused about the size loom you used. Most groups say the blue KK round loom is strictly for newborns. My baby is already 3 months. Do you recommend the blue loom because the fin al hat will be stretchy using this very soft yarn??
Thanks again for all you do ... your wonderful teaching methods have given me a whole new source of daily joy :)

Love your site! Great pattern and instructions! I am going to try loom knitting. Wonderful patterns will visit often. Thanks

Hi, I remember you when I first learned about loom knitting just before your 1st book came out, you were on yahoo loom knitting group/s.I think it was more then one group.

You gave a lot of info thank you. I have seen you on utube as well and now I am part of your blog .

You are so talented and know your looming well. I wonder how you learned how to loom as I have gotten one of your books if I am correct you have more then one?

Thanks Isela for your innovative use of the looms and bringing it out to more as another way to knit easily with out all the bulk of old fashined looms which were heavy to use.

I saw you on Knitty Gritty How nice to be reconized for your talent.
Well bye for now dear talented lady .

There is a new Loom Knitting section on the Knitting Paradise website. I bought the new magazine and posted the info for the members there. I would love to correspond with you about tips, techniques, etc. as I am new to this form of knitting. Thanks for all the work you put into tutorials. I am sure they will be a great help!

I just have to have one!!! I've got all the knifty knitters and I agree that there is something about wood that plastic just doesn't give you!
My husband will probably have a seizure, but the second I get my Christmas money from my father, I'm buying one of these!!! I am going to keep spinning my yarns in anticipation!!!
If only I could get someone to purchase my Beautiful Schacht Ladybug Spinning wheel w/attached tensioned lazy kate!..Then I could get an electric spinning wheel and not have to hand spindle anymore...spindling is SO very Ssssllloooowwwww now. But I'm disabled and my left leg is not working with me anymore....such is life! :) Blessings to you!!! Love this Loom!!

Hello Isela, I am fairly new to loom knitting, just over a month now. I am making the baby blanket on page 92. I have cast on using what the crocehte cast on which I found the video on your wewbsite and hope its the same as the chain cast on method. I have a couple of questions:
1. Your directions read: Row 1 - Slip 1, purl 38, ss1
2. Your directions read: Row 2 - Slip 1, ss to end
I completed the first row of slip 1, purl 38, but I don't know if I single stitch the peg number 40 or knit it? Your tip at the bottom says to knit the last stitch of each row. What is the differenct between ss and knit the last stitch? As I begin to turn around to go back for the second row which peg do I skip for the slip stitch? I am confused?

I want to do a single stitch on the long loom to make my first panel for a king blanket.when I e wrap it to the end how do I wrap it back on my first row? Do I just wrap the last peg twice.There's terrible instructions for the knifty knitters.thank you.deb in upstate ny

hi my husband is getting me the zippy and corners for Xmas how many zippys should he get to make it more versatile for me as I want to make a variety of gifts love your patterns and thankyou for sharing have a great day x Sue

Hi Iselda, I am very new to loom knitting having always done ordinary knitting but due to hand problems now I thought I would try
loom knitting. I have been trawling around for a DVD to explain what I need to do being one of those people who need to see rather than read how to do things I find at my age it is much simpler. I see you do DVD's perhaps you could let me know how much they are and how I could order one. Not sure what a website URL is.
Smiles Joy

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