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Are there any patterns out there for entrelac on the loom?

Do any of your books in ebook?

do you still have dvd on loom knitting for sell and do you know where is the best place for me to buy a loom or do you know anyone who sells tortals can you email the info


I greatly enjoy your books and making the projects from the patterns within them. I have found two different books (written by you) and offered for sale on the subject of making socks using a loom. Can you please explain the difference between the books? Is one more geared to beginners or do they have easier patterens?

Thank you,
Marilyn Gruber

Do you have a knitting loom dish scrubbie pattern? I saw your crochet one but I don't crochet.

Do you have any patterns for any adult vests made on either a round loom or a long loom?

I have been searching the internet on how to resize loom knitting patterns, and I can't find a thing. How do you change the size of patterns? If a pattern is normally 9X9 and I need a 7x7, how do I do that? Or if the pattern calls for 46 pegs to be casted on, and I want 40 pegs, how do I adjust for that.

Thanks for all your amazing tutorials!

Hi Isela,

I want to purchase the patterns for Inara & Curly Q scarves, where do I send the MO and is there shipping?

Thank you.
M Woesner

hi-i was looking for a loom knit pattern to try, but all the links to "box" account don't seem to be working- help!!

Do you have a video showing how to use the long looms? The instructions that came with my long looms seem confusing. I watched a video for the round loom and can knit like crazy with them. I watched your pocket knitter video in hopes to gain insight to my long looms. I'm just tempted to take back my l,ong looms and get a pocket knitter. Any help or suggestons?

Please could you help me with loom knitting. I have bought the round knitting looms and the long one. I have made some beanies but would like to make little jerseys can you help I do not have any knitting patterns
My e-mail address is Or can you tell me where I can get a pattern from with instruction how to increase and decrease thank you kind regards Denise

what is a figure 8 stitch on a loom? thanks

I tried to find instructions on how to convert crochet patterns to loom knitting. I could aonly find knitting ot loom knitting. Can it be done, and if so, how?

Love all your stuff and have all your books. Looking for the next.



I have no idea how to convert patterns from crochet to loom
knitting. I am sorry.

PLEASE>>>>> I work with handicapped adults. Where can I buy these looms in SOUTH AFRICA... Please!!!!!!!!!!!! I work in Somerset West near Cape Town I would so appreciated it if I could find some info on this in SA Thank you so much Dianne du Preez

Do you have any patterns for lap blankets? Right now I am using the green rectangular loom & then connecting them. I can only do 4-6 panels in 1 week. Is there anything you can suggest I do so that I can create them faster. My craft club is doing them for Ronald McDonald house.

do you have any tutorials on stitches for retangle looms. All I see is just for round looms.

I am a beginning loomer and my daughter and her friends wear a lot of hats. I am only able to find the hats on video tutorials with brims. She really likes the barete style. Can you help.


I will work on something for the shop on this style. I know I have a couple in one of my books but not individually.

I don't have anything for the rectangle looms right now. I know how to use them, I just haven't had the chance to sit down and work any patterns/instructions for them. I recommend the company for that sort of loom

In response to Dianne du Preez. There is a shop in Canal Walk, Cenntury City, Milnerton area called "Cape Arts & Crafts". They sell both round and long looms. Lesley in Edgemead, Cape Town.

Hello Isela.I'm new to loomknitting and I would appreciate having your address to order books and videos from you.Thank you.Elizabeth Ellis from Canada.

Short Row Heel Part II can you plz add it to your youtube ch
as the host you useing for the 2 Part will not load thanks

Hi Isela, I was trying to make a hat that is written for regular knitting, but I wanted to make it on the loom. It has an instruction to P2tog, how is this done on the loom or should I treat it as K2tog.
The pattern is called "royal Beenie" by Daniela Johannsenova
Thanks for your help

Hi, I'm new to loom knitting. Just ran across a site from a Sara in Italy. She had the cutest baby hats, pumpkin, octopus, cupcake etc. I ordered and then realized site had not been updated recently. She referenced an Isela website where her patterns can be purchased. You are the only Isela I've come across so far. Can you tell me if that is you as I don't see the patterns on your site.

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